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Understanding the Components of the Windows Vista Welcome Center

Updated on May 14, 2012

Individuals who install Microsoft Windows Vista or purchase a new computer with this version of Windows will notice when they turn on the system a box will pop up that is called "The Welcome Center". In this tutorial, you will learn what functions each of the options in this center allows you to do.

One of the first options that you will see will say "view computer details". Naturally, this will teach you the technical aspects of the system on which Windows Vista is running. You can learn details such as the amount of RAM that your system has, the internal processor that is installed on your computer, and various other types of technical data that is relevant to your system.

As you continue to explore the other options listed on this page, you may run across one that states that you can transfer various files and settings. This is a very beneficial option for the individual that wishes to take the files from an old computer and transfer them over to the new computer.

"Add New Users" is an obvious option that you have in the Microsoft Windows Vista Welcome Center. If you will be sharing your computer system with another individual, this option will allow you the ability to set up a personal account for this person. You can adjust the amount of security on this account, and even passwords associated with this account.

"Connect to the Internet" allows you the ease of setting up a new internet connection on your computer. There is no more searching and struggling to figure out how to get your computer online, this handy little walk through can detail all of this information for you!

"Personalize Windows" is a great feature in the Welcome Center of Windows Vista. You can change your desktop screen, adjust the screensaver on your computer, and adjust many other options. This will allow you the ability to make your computer all your own! You can truly allow your unique personality to shine through when playing around with this option.

"Register Windows" is a key option that is critical to the safety and security of your Windows Vista computer. This will allow you to validate that your version of Windows is genuine, and will also allow you to install and download critical updates as they become available for your computer. This is important when it comes to keeping your computer safe from viruses and other security threats.

The "Windows Media Center" allows you to enjoy burning and simply copying television shows, and other exciting options that are related to songs, television, movies, and more. If you enjoy entertainment, this option will allow you to do many new and exciting things!

If you are completely new to Microsoft Windows Vista, it seems only appropriate to learn what is new in this version of Windows. In the Welcome Center, there is an option that is called "What's New". Here, you can learn the critical components to Vista, and about all the new exciting features that await you!

Are you disabled? Do you need assistance in viewing the screen? Are you interested in learning about the many accessibility options that are featured in Windows Vista? If you do, you should find and select the "Ease of Access" option in the Welcome Center. This option will allow you the ability to personalize your system so that it meets your needs.

Let's say that you are simply not comfortable with Windows Vista. In reality, you are a visual learner that benefits from receiving personal tutorials. If you select the option of "Windows Vista Demos", you can view numerous video tutorials that will assist you on the road to success in handling Vista.

As you continue through the Microsoft Windows Vista Welcome Center, you will find an option that is called "Control Panel". If you are familiar with Windows, this will be familiar for you. If you are new to Windows, this is an area where you can control many features in your system. This option allows you the ability to make sure that Vista and your system interact appropriately with each other.

As you can see, there are many options listed in the Welcome Center on Vista. This tutorial briefly explained each of the options that are available. If you want to become a Vista Pro, it is important to take the time to learn these features and maneuver around your system with ease.

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