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Use These 5 F-Words To Improve Your Content And Increase Traffic

Updated on November 21, 2011

5 F-Words Every Blogger Should Use

It's not hard to imagine what F-word comes to mind first - the one that starts with 'F' and ends with 'K' and doesn't have anything to do with firetrucks. However, while there's appropriate time and place to use that word, and it works just fine for a lot of bloggers, it's not on the list of Top 5 F-Words we're going to discuss... today.

That F-Word will get a reaction from your readers, that's for sure. But it might not be the reaction you want. Some of your readers will find it vulgar and leave your page. Some of your readers will find it alarming and leave your page. And some of your readers will just think you're an uneducated redneck who can't spell a word if it's over 4 letters long... and leave your page.

Is that really the reaction you want from your readers?

The next time you think you need to drop the F-Bomb to make an impression on your audience, take a deep breath and see if one of these 5 F-Words would make a better impression.

Is Your Content Fascinating?

Fascinating: Enchanting; Captivating; Arousing interest or curiosity; To attract and hold attentively by a unique power

FASCINATING! content is content that holds you in its grasp, mesmerizing and dazzling you from the very first word in the title all the way through to the dramatic conclusion. Like a magic act!

You've probably seen someone perform some type of magic trick. Maybe it was one of those big, elaborate Los Vegas performances and maybe it was just a guy doing card tricks at your 6th birthday party. But the point it, the Magician captivated you with his magic, he attracted and held your attention with his unique power, and most important of all, he aroused your curiosity.

What is FASCINATING Content?

FASCINATING! content is a blog post or an article or a video that immediately grabs your attention and holds you on the page. Not because it's magic or fake but because it holds secrets and special information that nobody has ever seen before. And FASCINATING! content inspires you to look deeper and ask questions.

We use the word FASCINATING! when we're looking up at the stars or when we're looking at something under a microscope. You see something you've never seen before and you say...

Wow! This is FASCINATING! It's amazing!

Did you see that?! How did he DO THAT?

When you write FASCINATING! content it holds your reader on the page until the very end and when they finish reading - they start asking you questions!

Is Your Content Fabulous?

Fabulous: Almost mythical; Almost impossible to believe; Legendary; Breathtaking; Astounding!

Cinderella's coach, made from a pumpkin, was FABULOUS! It was breathtaking, it was almost impossible to believe. The celebrities strolling down the Red Carpet wear FABULOUS! designer creations. The legendary King Arthur had a FABULOUS! jeweled sword and The Wizard of Oz lived in a FABULOUS! Emerald City.

Get the picture?

We use the word 'FABULOUS!" to describe objects or events that are almost too good to be true, they're beyond our wildest dreams and they instill a sense of wonder and awe. We dream of having a FABULOUS! dress or a FABULOUS! house or car. When something is FABULOUS! it's generally just out of our reach, but we know, someday, our dreams just might come true!

Now, imagine a situation where you yourself might use the word FABULOUS! And what might you say next....

This is FABULOUS! It's breathtaking! It's absolutely astounding!

This is exactly what I've been dreaming of!

The next time you write an article or a blog post, leave your readers with the feeling that you've just given them a solution that will help them achieve their dreams and you can guarantee they'll be back for more!

Is Your Content Fresh?

Fresh: Newly made; Not previously known; Invigorating; Not worn, or stale, or faded

Some things are better when they're worn or stale or faded. Nothing beats a pair of well-worn blue jeans or a flannel shirt that's been washed so many times the color's all faded. And if you want to make amazing Bread Pudding you simply must start with a loaf of day-old cinnamon bread.

But FRESH content is a MUST!

What is FRESH content? Well, here's what it's NOT...

FRESH content is not PLR. It's not something you read on another blog and re-wrote for your own. It's not content that you posted last year and you've 'freshened' it up for SEO purposes. It's not dull, it's not boring and it's not something your readers have already seen!

Surely you've seen FRESH content somewhere! Remember what you thought when you saw it....

Wow! What a great idea! I'm going to have to try this myself!

I would have never thought of that myself. This guy really knows what he's talking about!

FRESH content takes and old idea and gives it a new twist. Instead of just re-hashing the same old tips or tricks, dig deeper. Find a new way to use that program or a new way to train that dog or a new way to help soothe a crying baby.

Give your readers FRESH content and suddenly you're the expert!

Is Your Content Fierce?

Fierce: Furiously eager; Intense; Vehement; Passionate; Strong

The word FIERCE has a little bit of a negative feel to it. Tigers are fierce, lions are fierce, gladiators, alligators, and mama bears are all fierce. But their fierceness is born of passion. A passion for their loved ones or their homeland or turf. When someone is FIERCE they're usually only intense for a short period of time while they're vehemently defending their position.

Now, creating FIERCE content doesn't mean you need to drag out that F-Bomb again. Nowhere in the definition of the word FIERCE does it say 'Offensive'. But it does include the word 'Passionate'!

What is FIERCE Content?

FIERCE content is that blog post you read where a blogger took a stand outside the status quo. It's often controversial, or a little bit edgy. FIERCE content sometimes presents an opposing view, one which isn't always popular but needs to be heard and defended.

Now, imagine a situation where you yourself might use the word FIERCE! And what might you say next....

Man! That guy was really intense. What an exciting, passionate article!

This guy must really care about this topic. I want to read more!

Let your passion show in your content. Find a point of contention and defend your position to the death! Tired of answering the same old questions? Put your foot down and demand your readers listen this time because you're not going to tell them again! Take a stand and be strong and let your audience know you really care about something and they'll love you forever!

Is Your Content Fantastic?

Fantastic: Marvelous; incredible; appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; incredibly great!

We all know the definition of the other F-Word and what it makes your readers think of when they see it. It's crass, it's crude, it throws a negative light on your content. When your visitors read you content, what kind of impression do you want to leave them with? Do you want them to think your a rude, crude bloggin' dude or would you rather they left thinking you're an incredibly great blogger who has a marvelous insight into his audience and their needs?

Creating fantastic content doesn't necessarily mean you have to use the word 'Fantastic'. It's not the word itself you want to focus on. You want to focus on what your readers feel when they read your fantastic content!

What Is FANTASTIC! Content?

Fantastic isn't a word we use every day, it's reserved for special occasions. And it's one of those words that's always followed by an exclamation point, whether you're writing it or speaking it out loud.

Sit back for a minute and imagine yourself saying the word - FANTASTIC! Say it a few times and you'll notice a change in your voice. More important, you'll notice a change in your mood. When you see or hear or read something that's FANTASTIC! it immediately puts you in a exuberant mood.

Now, imagine a situation where you yourself might use the word FANTASTIC! And what might you say next....

This is FANTASTIC! It's incredible! I can't believe it!

I can't wait to tell everybody else about this!

The word 'Fantastic' is used to describe something that's unbelievable or incredible - like your favorite baseball team coming from behind and winning against all odds or the feeling you get when you check your stats in the morning and find out one of your videos had 3 million hits over night. It's totally unexpected, almost too good to be true, and it's marvelous!

Before you write your next blog post, sit back and think about what you can tell your readers that will have them rushing from your page because your content was so FANTASTIC! they can't wait to tell everybody else about it!

The Key

The key to using these 5 F-Words is to personalize your content and speak to your audience as individuals, not a group. Let your audience know you're speaking from experience, from your heart, and that you know exactly how they feel.

Use these 5 F-Words to improve content and increase traffic
Use these 5 F-Words to improve content and increase traffic

Tips For Using The 5 F-Words

These 5 F-Words work some pretty powerful magic and that magic works whether you're writing articles or blog posts, or creating videos or Power Point presentations. When used properly, each will create some type of reaction in your audience, more of a personal connection between you and each individual person.

However, that personal connection has to start with you!

A lot of the content you see is directed at a broad audience. It's written or presented in the third person and most of the time that's a good thing. The third person viewpoint is less distracting. When you use words like 'I' and 'You' and 'We' it reminds the reader that there's someone else in the 'room' and in the case of online content that might mean millions of other people. Writing in first and second person is a distraction sometimes.

But in this case, when you use these 5 F-Words you want to write from the first person viewpoint. You're trying to make a personal connection with each individual member of your audience and the best way to do that is to speak from the heart. Use words like...

I know how you feel...

I feel your pain...

I wanted to try this out and tell you what's really going on...

Let me tell you what happened when I...

You're not going to believe what I have to tell you!

Those are just a few examples but if you'll notice, each of them uses the words 'I' and 'You' and references some type of feeling. They each connect you, personally, to one specific individual and you're letting them know that's you're human and you understand their frustration.

Now that you know my secrets, remember....these powers should only be used for good!

Share Your Secrets

If you sit back and imagine yourself using these 5 F-Words you'll probably notice that you don't use them in simple, everyday situations. For something to be FABULOUS! or FANTASTIC! or FASCINATING! it's got to be special, awesome, over-the-top.

Making that personal connection is the first thing you need to do. And then you need to dig deep and share information that you've never shared before. You have to share your secrets!

If you tell someone you're about to tell them a secret, they move in closer and they look you directly in the eyes, giving you their undivided attention. So anytime you share a secret you're automatically going to make more of a connection with your audience.

Now, over-deliver with your secret to get that "THAT"S FASCINATING!" response from your readers.

Put It All Together And Here's How It Works

Maybe you can't picture yourself ever using one of these F-Words and you can't imagine how they would ever work. Let's pretend you've always been interested in Magicians and you love a good magic show.

Up on the stage is Matt the Magician, wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, looking bored and distracted while he's pulling a rabbit out of his hat. You've seen a few dozen magicians in your life and, while it's interesting that Matt can pull a rabbit out of his hat, it's not really anything new. And as soon as your appetizers arrive you and your friends forget all about Matt and start digging in.

A few weeks later you're in a theater watching Mercurio the Magnificent. Mercurio has the standard issue satin-lined cape and silk top hat and beside him on the stage is his lovely assistant Melody, all dressed in sparkly spandex. The stage has lots of eerie lighting and smoke effects, lots of mirrors and magical glitter. Together, Mercurio and Melody run through a repertoire of magic acts that ends with the traditional sawing-the-lady-in-half trick. But, while Mercurio and Melody were certainly more entertaining than Matt, they really didn't do anything new or innovative - they just dressed up the same tired old tricks with a little bit of satin and silk and spangles.

Now, let's go to the little Magic Shop downtown. Nothing fancy, just your basic little shop tucked in between the arcade and the comic book shop. You're out one day, running a few errands and you discover this quaint little shop and decide to pop in and browse. While you're looking around you fall into a conversation with the proprietor, Sam. You talk about some of the magic stuff he sells but he's not really trying to sell you anything, he's just chatting with you while you browse.

In the course of this chatting and browsing you ask Sam a question about some Magic Rings. You've seen the trick a hundred times, you know how it works and you wonder if he has any.

Now, It just so happens that Sam used to perform a brilliant Magic act on Broadway but he retired a few years ago and opened up this little shop as a hobby. Back in the day he was famous for his ability to dazzle his audience. And since the two of you have obviously made a connection, he tells you he'll show you one of his secret tricks.

When Sam picks up the Magic rings, you lean in closer, trying to catch him in the act. But Sam is an expert, he knows you're watching, and he performs the trick so skillfully that it really does look like Magic.

You're amazed! You are in awe! And, because you have an interest in Magic - you are also FASCINATED! You want to know how he did it. What else can he do?! Can he teach you that same trick? And what else can he show you?!

By the time you leave his shop, you and Sam have become good friends. You visit him every week now and you're even paying him to teach you some of his special, secret tricks.

Now, let's relate this little scenario back to your online content so you can see why it worked.

When a visitor arrives at your blog or website or YouTube channel, they're there for a reason. They're interested in your topic or niche.

Unfortunately, no matter what you're selling, that visitor has already seen it somewhere else. And they've seen it on flashy websites, with lots of glitz and glitter, and they've seen it on free, run-of-the-mill blogs. So window dressing isn't necessarily going to help.

They've also been chatted up by any number of bloggers, all trying to make some type of connection. And sometimes they do make that connection but, if they're on your blog now, obviously they're still not satisfied. They're still looking for something to hold their attention.

They're looking for something that will make them step back and say...

Wow! That's FASCINTATING! Tell me MORE!

In the scenario, Sam didn't even have to do any selling. All he did was chat about his products while you browsed his shop. In the beginning, you were just curious and once you noticed that Sam knew a little something about Magic you started asking about specific products - you let him know what you needed.

At that point, Sam revealed a secret that not only answered your 'need' but also gave you more information that would help you be an even better Magician. He Over Delivered.

Here Are The Exact Steps You Need To Take

Give your visitors something worth looking at: Stock your Magic Shop with plenty of the type of content your target audience is looking for.

Let your visitors browse: Let your visitors browse your content in comfort. Resist the urge to jump in and start selling. Instead, focus on making that connection. Use your content to let your visitors know you're an expert and you can answer all their questions.

Use the 5 F-Words: Create content around the 5 F-Words to elicit a response and encourage engagement. It's that connection and the fact that they're asking you questions that indicates they're ready to hear your message.

Have You Ever Used an F-Word?

Have you used any of these F-Words in any of your online content?

Have you used any of these F-Words in any of your online content?

See results

Don't Try To Use All 5 F-Words At Once!

Each F-Word will will provoke a different response from your audience:

Fantastic = Sharing

Fabulous = Motivational

Fresh = Increased authority

Fierce = Loyalty

Fascinating = Engagement

Can you think of any other F-Words that might help engage your audience?

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile image


      6 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      great lens, also included on my Epic Ballad of poetry lens in the creative writing section

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Excellent F words for writing good content.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Funkalicious :) Blessed!

    • iWriteaLot profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @favored: Oh! That's a GREAT F word! I didn't that of that one!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      6 years ago from USA

      Fun! If we can't have fun at it, why do it? The content must be fun and appealing both the writer and reader.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      6 years ago from USA

      Fun! If we can't have fun at it, why do it? The content must be fun and appealing both the writer and reader.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      My Mom sure would approve of the 5 F-words you use on this lens. Those are good words, and ways of writing. Great points!

    • Gloriousconfusion profile image

      Diana Grant 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I can't at present, but it's something to mull over, and thanks for your fascinating, fresh information!


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