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Top Utility Apps on your Android phone!

Updated on January 5, 2015


Feel like your phone is underutilized? How about checking out the following apps that you may make use on your phone? Since so many apps on the Google Play Store are free to download, let's take a look at some of the app that served me well and would probably be of great help to you.

The apps that I am going to introduce to you range from sports to productivity app. For your information, all the apps mentioned below are also used on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4).Feel free to add in more by commenting down below.

Preview of Google Hangouts interface.
Preview of Google Hangouts interface. | Source

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the few app that I feel is overlooked by many people. It is as good as Skype and maybe way better. With Hangouts, you can call your contacts if they have registered their phone number in the app. You can also send them a text using this app and replace it with your phone's default messaging app. Best part of all, it's FREE! There is no hidden cost and it will only use your data plan if you are not connected to wifi. It is user-friendly and also comes in handy when you are trying to contact your loved ones from overseas.

Unfortunately, there is a list of countries where calling using Hangouts is unavailable. Click here to find out more.

Preview of Google Keep interface.
Preview of Google Keep interface. | Source

Google Keep

Still using Evernote? Maybe you should try out Google Keep for your note taking stuff. Unlike Evernote, Google Keep is accessible offline. You can only access your notes in Evernote offline when you are a Premium user. Again, Google Keep is FREE! Furthermore, Google Keep allows you speak your notes to it and Google will transcribe it and store the note for you to check later on. Photo note is also possible by storing a picture as part of your note. With the recent update, you can also share your notes with your friends or colleague by adding their email addresses and allowing them to view and edit the notes real time. To make it even more attractive, you can change the colour of your notes and make it seem more organised.

Preview of Greenify interface.
Preview of Greenify interface. | Source
Preview of Greenify interface.
Preview of Greenify interface.


Nowadays almost every phone face the issue of short battery life span. Here I bring you a very effective app that can help to improve your phone's battery life.

Greenify is an app that can shut down or rather 'hibernate' the applications on your phone when they are not active. Usage of it is relatively easy. Once you click the Greenify button, a list of apps appears. It allows you to select and delegate which apps you want to hibernate or Greenify. Once you choose the apps that you want to Greenify, simply press the 'Zzz' button and the apps will stop draining your battery.

It's effectiveness is proven as I tested the app on my phone. Before I used Greenify, my phone's battery percentage may drop up to 20% overnight even though I switched off wifi and mobile data. Now, my phone's battery percentage only drop 2-3% over night with the same conditions. Hence I strongly recommend this app to you!

Preview of Dolphin Browser.
Preview of Dolphin Browser.
Settings page of Dolphin browser.
Settings page of Dolphin browser.

Dolphin Browser

Most people are comfortable enough with using Chrome browser on their phone. Me too! However, Dolphin browser has its own virtues.

Noticed that the Google icon in the middle of the web page is missing? For mobile users like me who opted for a budget data plan that isn't quite enough for daily usage, this app can save your day. In the settings of Dolphin browser, you can choose the option 'Load images' and switch it to 'Always off'. This way, you can save data while reading articles online since images may not be very useful anyway. There is a special feature on Dolphin Browser called Dolphin Sonar which functions like a Siri and allows the user to use voice commands to search the terms on the search engine. Check out the video down below for this amazing feature. Also, Adobe Flash is enabled on Dolphin browser so you can access your games and Youtube videos on the browser itself.

Dolphin Sonar

Preview of feedly interface.
Preview of feedly interface.


Feedly is a great app for users who love to read! In the app, you can choose the category you are interested in and select the websites that the articles come from. Ranging from 'Tech' to 'Beauty' topics, you have a wide variety of articles you can choose from to read during your leisure time. The interface is also very user-friendly and it uses a swipe up transition when it skips to the next page of articles. The app is beautifully engineered.

Also, you can save articles into Pocket and read later.

Saving an article from feedly to Pocket.
Saving an article from feedly to Pocket.
Preview of Pocket interface.
Preview of Pocket interface.


Came across an articles but is too busy to read it at the moment? No worries when you have Pocket on your phone.

Pocket is an app that allows you to save your unread articles to facilitate your reading later on. After saving the articles on the app, you can even tag them and categorize them into the various types of articles. It is definitely a must have for avid readers as it saves the hassle to search for the articles again.

Preview of Onefootball interface.
Preview of Onefootball interface.


Onefootball is the app for soccer fans who follows the league table closely. It allows users to keep tabs on their favourite team from any league, e.g Premier League, Primera división and many others. You can check out the results of the matchday in a list form. Also, the fixtures of the leagues are also available on the app thus you can also plan and prepare your snacks in advance for the upcoming matches! Amid of all the apps that provide similar services, I feel that this is one of the best as the app's interface has a clean and sleek design hence allowing better viewing experience.

Preview of Clean Master interface.
Preview of Clean Master interface.

Clean Master

I believe all smartphones need a performance optimizing app. In this case, Clean Master is the one. As shown on the interface, the main two features would be its ability to detect junk files and clear them for you and to boost the performance of your mobile. By clearing the junk files, it is able to free up some space on your phones, allowing more room your music and videos. On the other hand, with simply a press on the 'phone boost' button, it will clear all the running app and free up some RAM on your phone. Since RAM is required to run your app, having more RAM would mean that your phone is less likely to be laggy.

© 2014 Wong Seng Wee


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