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Updated on August 6, 2016


Don’t overlook the power of this scripting language! Administrators, developers, analysts and others have all discovered the power of Microsoft VBScript. VBScript, sometimes called “VBScripting” is a Scripting language that was introduced by Microsoft back in 1996. Many technical workers have harnessed its power to interact with the Windows Script Host. It can also be considered a “springboard language” in that if a user learns VBScript, chances are they will be able to move into the worlds of Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications a little easier.

VBScript Uses

What can VBScript do? The answers to this question are endless. VBScript can be used to search and monitor Active Directory, get user and computer information, move and delete files, test installed apps, monitor services, interact with databases, automate tasks, etc… For anyone working in IT, or even a super user, the benefits of learning this scripting language are endless.

Learning VBScript

There are many ways to learn about VBScript. One of the easiest ways to learn may be to do a simple search for VBScript tutorials. The language has been around long enough that several tutorials have been written and published on the Web. Another option may be to buy a book or just check one out from a public library. Books are a great way to learn a language since they often contain all the information one needs at the turn of a page. A more structured approach might be to take a class at a local university or tech school. Most of these classes teach at the beginner level and are available to everyone for a modest fee.

Easy to Use

The great thing about VBScript is that it can be applied immediately as a person learns the language. No special tools are necessary. All one needs is some knowledge and notepad. A VBscript file is written in notepad, saved with a .vbs file extension and ready to go. This makes learning the language easier in that one can practice from any computer without the need of special software.


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