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Velocity Cruz-Powerful Android Tablets at an Affordable Price

Updated on June 16, 2014

Velocity Cruz Connects to Any Wireless Network

Velocity Cruz-Powerful Android Tablets at an Affordable Price. I was so impressed with the quality and ease of use my Velocity Cruz provided me, I purchased one for my husband. After owning them for about a month we decided to purchase one for each of our 3 daughter for Christmas gifts. Then decided that our teenage grandchildren would benefit from owning one for checking e-mails, downloading reading materials, listening to music and audible stories. We soon discovered that each of us found uses for our Velocity Cruz that were unique to each of our lifestyles.

My husband uses his to download the latest novels he enjoys reading. I use mine for the books I enjoy, cookbooks, and historical fiction. Since it conveniently fits in my purse I take most everywhere I go to check e-mails at my favorite hot-spots and to refer back to recipes while I shop for food. Our daughter use theirs much the same way I do. My oldest granddaughter uses hers for school. She attends a dual language program and can easily download reading materials for school in Spanish.

The grandson like to read their books and magazines on theirs and the versatility allows them to download and listen to music as well as the latest Youtube videos. Over all my family has found the Velocity Cruz to be a great value to our lives and all at a very affordable price. Since Amazon can deliver books to the android so quickly we also save time shopping for books. Many of the book offered on Amazon come to us for free.

Buy One That Fits Your Lifestyle - One for every Budget

Velocity Cruz - No monthly service charges

Since there is no extra cost for internet service as with most tablets, the Velocity Cruz make a perfect gift. There are no contract to subscribe to as it is wireless and can work from anywhere wireless internet is available to do your downloads or check e-mails.

Once you books are download to your android tablet they are available regardless of whether or not a wireless signal is available. This is perfect for travel or for the kids to take to school to keep up with their personal reading goals set by their teachers.

The Velocity Cruz come in several sizes and store information on cards which come in a range of sizes as well. When purchasing books on Amazon they are permanently stored online, allowing you to erase or overwrite the disks for new reading materials and retrieve previous ones again at another time. The Velocity Cruz is quite a value at a truly affordable price.

Android Tablet - Vinyl Skins

In my family before we purchased decorative skins we were constantly picking up the wrong android turning it on only to discover it belong to another family member. First I used a silver paint pen to mark each person's name on the back. They still looked the same from the front side so I decided that since I had solved the problem of confusing our laptops with vinyl skins, I would find similar ones for our tablet.

Sure enough I discovered a wide variety of choices. At first I couldn't decide then I realized if each of the grandkids had one that was a color or design of the liking, I picked on that looked completely different from theirs. My husband decided he was happy with black case he was already used to and opted no to cover his.

I was surprised at how easily the cover was to apply to my android, a simple sticker-type design with a backing that peeled off and securely attached to my tablet. There was one for the backside and a frame that attached around the screen allowing the buttons to be used as before. I now keep mine safe from everyone else since I chose the gold color which is unique to my tablet. I love it and it was well under five dollars for the cost and shipping of the skin.

Since I put the vinyl skin on my tablet, everyone knows it's mine!

Since I put the vinyl skin on my tablet, everyone knows it's mine!
Since I put the vinyl skin on my tablet, everyone knows it's mine!

My granddaughter loves her PURPLE skin we put on her android tablet

My granddaughter loves her PURPLE skin we put on her android tablet
My granddaughter loves her PURPLE skin we put on her android tablet

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