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How to Choose Video Conferencing Software

Updated on September 13, 2009

Communication is the only medium to keep your relations growing with people around you. Be it your biggest customer or your own front line worker, lack of communication becomes a huge negative aspect of your business. It is for these reasons that the conventional businesses have effectively started using technology to aid such barriers of communication and one such remedy seems to be the use of Video conferencing software. Video conferencing and online meetings are the most important tools for businesses so that they can easily communicate with their staff.

Choosing the right video conferencing equipment and the right software to get all your work processed in a fast and organized way has become a bit of a hard task, unless you get just the videoconferencing software that is fit for you. Let us consider a few issues associated with our needs so that one is sure which one to choose and get the maximum benefits out of it.

Price Video Conference Calling Software

According to the basic economic equation, demand or need is usually dependent on price. Today there are numerous softwares that you can get, but if you start looking at them at once, you are sure to end up with a headache. Although the prices range from free to hundreds of dollars there is a probability that you might find the freebies more beneficial for intercompany trial conference calls.

By using free conference calling systems, you will get an idea of what your office needs are. If you need something now that already fits all of your needs, get in touch with a conference calling company that can help determine what software and video conferencing equipment is going to be best.

Location And Number Of Conference Calling Users

Another very important aspect to consider is if you will only communicate from static locations. For instance, a manger at a head office may have a laptop and may not communicate from one internet access point but may converse from any part of the world then you need one that is not location restrictive. Also make sure you get one where you can control the number of participants through the videoconferencing software and keep in touch with required employees.

Additional Features

In many instances while you are holding webinars or online seminars and meeting it would be very important to know if you need anything additional to your basic video conferencing software. For instance, some software provide options for holding polls for simple yes or no questions or surveys that you can carry out easily by presenting one question at a time. Talking about presentations, the PowerPoint presentation programs can also be used in assistance with other users to efficiently understand and convey their points or facts and figures with relevant data.

Browser And System Software Requirements:

It is also important that before you actually choose or rather buy video conferencing software that is fit for your needs. Be sure to check your own computer system for compatibility and RAM, speed, and browser capabilities. There are some system software that may only work with Windows while the rest may work with only Linux or special AMD processors.

Firewall Restrictions

Although the firewalls help in keeping the hackers and other unwanted material and people out of your computer they have also known to be problematic while using programs such as web conferencing as well. It is recommended that your software should be compatible with antivirus software and stil pass firewalls on computers of other users.


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