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Updated on May 8, 2011


If you want to buy CCTV equipment and gadgets online, look no further as Amazon is the best online store to shop for your CCVT equipment and gadget. The huge capital investment involved in the purchase of CCTV is not what any company would do without getting the assurance that quality customer care and after sales service will be guaranteed ensures that all their product vendors meet their stringent conditions which take care of all your worries as online shoppers. You will also shop with peace of mind at as the fear of losing your financial and other personal information to online thieves has already been taken care of by through the deployment of the best web application infrastructures.

The increase in the number of misappropriation of assets by employees that often explore areas that are ordinarily out of there reach is becoming so alarming that there is every need for managers to invest in cctv technology.


CCTV stands for; closed-circuit television. It is a surveillance system that is used to monitor a predefined area for the purpose of securing assets and other valuables. Cctv transmission is different from television broadcast because it is meant for only predetermined destination. This does not matter whether it has a physical cable link or a wireless connection. Cctv can be used for various purposes like; monitoring industrial plants, monitoring teachers in the classroom, monitoring sensitive areas of our office, monitoring the movements of customers in a banking hall, etc. cctv comes in different sizes, quality and configuration, even colours. Record has it that UK has the highest number of cctv in the world.


You will derive a lot of benefits from buying and installing a cctv in your environment. Some of the benefits that one is expected to gain from buying and installing cctv in our premises are listed and briefly explained below:

Security benefits: the primary benefit that you get from buying and installing a cctv is for the security that it will accord you and your assets. Apart from logical security, physical security is one aspect of assets protection that gives a lot of people headache.

  • With cctv cameras, all your problem of surveillance may become a thing of the past. All you need to do is buy the right cctv equipment, install them and you are good to go. Cctv cameras are used in places like; bank, hospitals, military base, airports, sea port terminals, etc to improve security standards. Shoplifters, employee’s thefts, burglars, etc are examples of threats to the successful running businesses that can easily be controlled by the installation of cctv cameras.
  • Cost saving: cctv technologies (cctv cameras, cctv monitors, cctv speakers, etc) have the potential of saving millions when properly used. Law enforcement agencies can install cctv cameras on bridges to monitor violators of traffic, this will surely save cost in the long when you consider the cost of maintaining additional staff to watch and monitor traffic violators. This is just one instance where cctv can help save cost for both government and individuals.
  • Communicating without hassle: communication can be completed with the aid of a cctv without having to go through stress. Most journalists make use of cctv to communicate information from certain areas of the economy without endangering their lives.
  • Easy access: cctv cameras makes it possible for us to gain access into certain impossible areas. An example could be taking pictures in extremely hot areas where human beings may not always have access.
  • Monitoring: cctv cameras are used to monitor operations and events that would have otherwise been left unmonitored and will consequently lead to the company insuring financial lose and other material losses. Cash register centers are monitored with cctv cameras.


Yes, cctv technologies often involve the use of cameras that is meant to transmit data in a secure mood

In fact, cameras on cctv are the starting point for every cctv equipment. The cameras can be bought separately or together with the other cctv equipment. Cctv cameras are required to use a special kind of lens as they are not built to use the traditional lenses found on traditional cameras. This feature is very necessary for information transmitted not to be intercepted by third parties and other unauthorized intruders. Though, newer technologies allow data that are transmitted through cctv equipment to be encrypted before transmission or better still transmitted in a secure mood. Encryption is a term used to explain the technology and science behind the hiding of data in storage or during transit.


For cctv equipment to be functional, a monitor must be installed in a secure environment where only authorized persons have access to. The image captured by the cctv cameras would have to be converted into image. A cctv monitor have similarity with normal television except that it does not have tuning console/ circuit. Cctv monitors equally have security features that prevent data leakage via the monitor.


It is obvious from the above that cctv technologies are no longer luxury but a necessary tool in our modern day security tool box. There are cctv cameras that can work at night. One of such cameras is assembled on the right side of this hub you are reading. This is to tell you how far security technology has gone in ensuring that we are rounded-lly secured. Every security conscious individual and organization should buy cctv.

To your secusity!


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      You can't help but imagine how big supermarkets like Tescco would be monitoring the activities of their customers right in the supermarkets if not with the aid of CCTV cameras and TVs.

      I appreciated this more today when i visisted one large tesco mart in London.