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Wall Charger for iPod Touch 5G

Updated on October 7, 2014

iPod Touch Wall Charger

Most new owners are going to want to buy a wall charger for their iPod Touch 5G. The 5G comes with a cable that lets you charge your device by plugging into a computer. This is not always the most convenient arrangement, and very soon you are likely to wish you could charge your iTouch by plugging into an electrical outlet.

My daughter and I discovered if the device is plugged into our laptop, it does not charge while the computer is asleep or if running off battery mode itself. The only way to charge the 5G was while one of us was using the laptop. This was not always convenient!

A wall charger is a handy accessory, especially for anyone who carries their Touch with them and uses it throughout the day. It makes it easy to charge your device at any time.

The iPod Touch wall chargers are affordably priced and well-worth buying. Having one will simplify your life and help you stay organized by always having your device charged and ready to go.

Take a look at these wall chargers for the iPod Touch 5G! You are sure to find one to fit your needs!

Image: Ionic USB Home Wall Travel Charger for The New iPod Touch New Apple iPod Touch 5 5th Generation 5G 2012 New Model

Universal Wall Charger Compatible with iPod Touch 5G

If you have been searching for a universal adapter that is compatible with your iPod Touch 5G, look no further! This is it!

This convenient device works with most Apple products, as well as Blackberry, HTC and Motorola Android cell phones. It also supports your Kindle devices!

Important iPod Touch 5G Factoid!

You can safely charge your iPod Touch 5G at any time. There is no need to let the battery run out before charging. Feel free to top it off!

Ionic Set Includes Wall Charger, Car Charger and Screen Protective Film - For the iPod Touch 5G

This bundle will provide both a wall charger and a car charger for your iTouch. In addition, you get a film to protect your screen.

Black Wall Charger for iPod Touch 5G

If simplicity is what you are after, this is it: A plain black wall charger for your iTouch 5.

CrazyOnDigital Ionic USB Home Wall Travel Charger for iPod touch 5G
CrazyOnDigital Ionic USB Home Wall Travel Charger for iPod touch 5G

Efficient, fast and compact. At this price, why not get several: one for home, one for the office and one for your briefcase or purse! Always be prepared!


Accessory Bundle for iPod Touch 5G - Contains both Wall Charger & Car Charger

You will appreciate the convenience of this handy bundle, with several essential accessories!

DigitalsOnDemand 12-Item Accessory Bundle - Includes Wall Charger for iPod Touch 5G

This accessory bundle is a great buy for your iPod Touch 5G! It includes everything you will need!

More Accessory Bundles for the Apple iPod Touch 5G - Including Wall Chargers and More!

Bundled accessory sets are great deals and a wonderful way to get started with your iPod Touch accessories. All of these sets include wall chargers, plus a whole lot more! Just take a look at what you get!

Wall Chargers on eBay - For the 5th Generation iPod Touch

Can we find any iPod Touch wall chargers on eBay today? Let's find out! You never know what you will find at eBay!

What is the worst time for your iPod Touch to run out of power? - Have you needed a charger and didn't have one? Would a wall charger have helped?

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    • profile image

      khrysmi 3 years ago

      nice wall charger. a power bank is much more useful though and you can take it anywhere with you. I bought mine from amazon and it's very reliable. Adlific power bank. :)

    • profile image

      john9229 4 years ago

      Very useful wall charger. Nice Lens

    • victoriahaneveer profile image

      victoriahaneveer 4 years ago

      I bought the iPad wall charger for my iPod Touch because it is identical except the cable is longer!