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Taking Great Photos on Vacation.

Updated on October 19, 2016

10 Tips for Great Holiday Shots

Compact digital camera holiday tips
Compact digital camera holiday tips | Source

10 Tips for Great Holiday Shots:

1. When you compose your shot move in close. Don’t put your subject right in the centre and have something in the background like a vibrant colour. You can take a series of photos that tell a story – for instance if you’re at the beach start with a panoramic view and them hone in on interesting things and details.

2. Turn your flash off if you are indoors unless it’s too dark of course! When you're outside use the built in flash to fill in harsh shadows in strong sunlight, or to light up subjects in the evenings or night.

3. Your battery charger must be suitable for the country you're visiting or things can get dangerous. There will be information on the back of the charger, 100 to 240 volts will be safe almost everywhere.

4. Don't forget to pack fully charged spare batteries and empty memory cards before leaving home.

5. Hotel rooms usually don't have enough sockets, so consider taking a short extension lead with 4 sockets with you. Remember an adapter.

6. Research your holiday destinations, and check out if there are any festivals or special celebrations taking place while you are there. Don’t forget to photograph the delicious food in restaurants and markets.

7. If you feel too conspicuous with a camera bag, disguise it by putting it inside a plastic bag or shopping bag.

8. Don't forget to take pictures of people, those you are traveling with and those you meet. It is always best to ask if you can take a photo of a person you don't know. Some people may be offended or frightened by the camera.

9. If you are running out of memory switch to jpeg, the smallest jpeg will save the most memory.

10. Cameras hate sand and water so put them in a plastic bag when you go to the beach.


Is there such a thing as a ‘best’ compact digital camera? I really don’t believe there is because it's such a subjective thing. There are so many cameras that all do an excellent job so how can a layperson really know what to choose? And when you’re on vacation how do you capture the wonderful things you are experiencing?

I am a keen amateur photographer and I like to have a camera with me wherever I go, but I have learned to be practical, telephoto lenses are too conspicuous and weigh far too much! My motto these days is ‘simple is best’. Sometimes a mobile phone or any mobile device can be enough to capture the moment or even create a more creative image.

My motivation to change the way I do things came from my son. He was 10 years old when he asked for his own camera. His specifications were great; he wanted to take pictures of people and places, make stop motion movies, and be able to film underwater! The time had come for me to find a super camera that was easy to use and that would take a bit of rough!

After some deliberation I settled on the Olympus TG-3 Waterproof. It did everything we wanted and it was the right price. I love this camera and now I use it exclusively.

Taken with My Son's Olympus


We were on the ferry crossing over from the Ilse of Skye to the west coast of Scotland. I love the clouds hanging over the rocks like that.

Great tip

If you are buying a camera as a gift for someone, charge up the battery and put the memory card inside so it's ready to use the moment they open the box!

A good shot - the boy is not central and the legs give interest


How to take great holiday photos with your digital Camera

Even though I have taken quite a few photographs in my time, I can still feel very nervous when I am somewhere special and beautiful because capturing the beauty of a place is not an easy thing to do. I hate taking photos that look like boring old fashioned postcards, or even worse missing the point of the photo altogether. There's no doubt that practice makes perfect - well almost perfect! My shots are better now than they were years ago. This book has been useful.

It's full of tips on all aspects of taking pictures while on holiday. It uses photos to illustrate 'how to do things' very well and it

Learn from the experts - a great present for yourself or someone setting off on an adventurous trip.

Close up shots work really well


The Fuji Guys Tips - How To Hold A Camera

Which Camera do you love or would love to own? These are all 4/5 star rated in Amazon

See results

Color is important for setting atmosphere


The west coast of Scotland and the midnight sun, with the Ilse of Skye in the background. How beautiful - I love the chocolate color - I waited a long time to capture that.

The Fuji Guys Tips - How to Take Great Flash Photgraphy

Macro - Setting

This setting is for taking photos of really small things like insects. You may have MF on your camera settings without the symbol.

Take more than one shot of the same thing - move around- magic will ensue!


Rome -The Vatican Piazza. I love the way the camera has picked up the drops of water and the rays.

My son took this beautiful shot!

The Fuji Guys Tips - How to Take Great Snow Action Photography

Which kind of camera do you use?

Is there a camera that is clearly the best for you?

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    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 3 years ago from Perth UK

      My beautiful camera was an Olympus ( whatever!) , the kind that used real film, and it had various lenses and everything. Then one day digital came along so I put it in the back of my wardrobe - and when I recently took it out to show it some love, it didn't work. So it's still sitting there. :( sad story. Thanks for your visit.

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 3 years ago from West Virginia

      I used to use a camera with special lenses, but really appreciate how much easier it got with my iPhone. I love the convenience of having my camera with me at pretty much any time.

    • CashInTheHand LM profile image

      CashInTheHand LM 3 years ago

      Great helpful lens, thanks!

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 3 years ago

      Excellent lens and very useful! You have written this lens quite nicely. If I have to say what's the best camera brand I like then it would be SONY.