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What Is The Best Tablet For The Money in 2013?

Updated on January 30, 2013

Top Rated Tablets in 2013

What is the best tablet for the money in 2013? This is a very valid question. With the proliferation of mobile devices, tablets have come to the forefront of technology and portability. Many companies have jumped head first into the tablet market, hoping to get a profitable slice of a billion dollar global consumer product. You can now find dozens of tablets all sporting sleek touchscreens and a massive list of nifty features. But with such a wide selection of choices, it can be hard to discern which tablets are actually worth spending money on and which ones you should avoid at all costs. However, there is no need to fret. Read on for a handpicked list of the best tablet for the money in 2013.

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Why Buy a Tablet?

A solid chunk of the population actually has no need for some of the amazing amounts of computing power packed into even the cheapest desktops and notebooks of today. If you just use a computer to check email, watch youtube videos, and maybe listen to some music, you are actually not utilizing most of the sheer silicon potential of your computer. Therefore, a tablet is actually a much better "fit" for virtually anyone with modest and common digital habits.

Tablets are much more portable than any notebook or desktop, and they provide the necessary computing power while maintaining great battery lives. Tablets almost always end up having a longer battery life than most notebooks. Not to mention, tablets are designed more for "consumption," rather than productivity. Therefore, accessing movies, music, tv shows, and books is easier on a tablet than on a computer.

The Best Cheapest Tablet - 2013

The Kindle Fire from is a really great value. You get a sleek touchscreen tablet that comes in different sizes depending on the price with all the features you'd expect from a premium device. Not to mention, the Kindle Fire is notable for its unparalleled access to's massive repository of movies, music, shows, and books.

Another Great And Inexpensive Tablet - 2013

Not only does Samsung produce some of the best cellphones and smartphones today, but its tablets are not too shabby either. The Galaxy Tab sports the attractive look you'd expect from a Samsung device and it is extremely fast and responsive at a great price. The tablets run Google's amazing Android operating system and comes in two sizes.

The Best, High Quality Tablet for the Money - 2013

The Google Nexus Tablet looks, feels, and works like a premium device, but at a shockingly affordable price. With this device, you get access to Google's vaunted panoply of online services and features. The tablet is specifically designed to work with an operating system that is also designed by Google. Probably the best tablet for the money on the market right now.

Coolest and Easiest Tablet to Use - 2013 - If you can afford it, definitely buy the iPad

Apple products have always carried a higher premium--brand wise and price wise--than most of its competitors. The iPad is no exception. However, with the higher price tag comes the sleekest, most-refined tablet you can buy. Apple designs from the ground up, both the hardware and software in all of its devices for one seamless experience. Not to mention, their legendary design ethic has consistently produced products made with the end user in mind. It truly is the one company that has the potential to rule them all. If you like having the best of the best tablet, regardless of price, the iPad is your tablet.

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