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Where to buy Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Updated on May 11, 2013

Why buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

If you want to know where to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you're in luck. As a a proud owner of the Galaxy Note 2 since November of 2012, I can vouch that this is the best phone that I have ever used in my life. I should also mention that I played around with the iPhone 5 for a week before I returned it and got the Galaxy Note 2.

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While the biggest criticism about the Note 2 is its huge size, I find it to be its greatest strength. The phone is very sturdy and I love reading my notes on the beautifully lit screen. It is almost like a tablet sometimes and now that I am used to the screen size, iPhone screens look extremely small and tiny.

Android Software of Galaxy Note 2

In addition to the screen size, I also love the Android software that comes with the phone. As someone who loves using Google's softwares and applications, it is nice to have a phone that works so seamlessly with my online programs. The Note 2 also runs on a 4g network, which allows for lightening speed when looking something up online. Below, I will show you some great places where you can buy a refurbished Galaxy Note 2.

Why you should purchase a refurbished Galaxy Note 2

A lot of people avoid purchasing refurbished products because they feel that they're are of lesser quality and more prone to breakdown. However, this notion couldn't be more further from the truth. I've bought tons of refurbished products over my lifetime, including laptops, computers and smartphones. They have all on average lasted as long as products that I brought at brand new prices. It is a common misconception that refurbished products were returned back to the store because there were initially some internal problems. Almost all the time, this is not the case. The number one reason why people return products back to the store is because they are not satisfied with the product, whether that be the aesthetics or the internal software.

However, there is nothing faulty about the product itself. It is simply a matter of choice. For example, I returned my iPhone 5 because I was hoping it would have a lot more features compared to the iPhone 4S. I was disappointed because it was not what I expected, not because the phone failed to work properly. When I returned the iPhone 5 to the store, it became relabeled as "refurbished," simply because I had used it for one week. Thus, I always urge people to purchase refurbished products because you'll save a lot of money, and the experience you'll get will virtually be the same as purchasing a brand new product.

Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)
Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)

My girlfriend owns the White Note 2 and it really suits her style and personality. Although I love the titanium grey, sometimes I wish I would have gotten the white one because it looks so good with any color. It is not just a smartphone, but also a fashion statement.


Should you get a contract with your smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)
Samsung Galaxy S III, White 16GB (Sprint)

The vast majority of people sign a 2 year contract with the big three: Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. The biggest advantage to signing a contract is that you'll get your smartphone of choice at a huge discout, often paying around half the price of the original phone. Thus, you'll save a lot of money in the short-run. However, if you were to opt out of a contract and just buy the phone, you'll most likely have to pay for the full price of the phone unless you can find one that is refurbished.

The benefit to having no set contract is that you'll most likely spend less on your phone bill every month and you have the freedom to choose you're provider depending on the benefits you want to obtain. If you're someone who rather pay a little more and save yourself a headache, I would opt for the 2 year contract. However, if you are really adamant about saving money in the long run and having the freedom to pick and choose, I recommend purchasing a smartphone without a contract.


Cheap Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on eBay

eBay is another great place to find a refurbished Galaxy Note 2. Keep in mind that you want to purchase from seller's who have high ratings. Although eBay does a great job of keeping away scammers, every now and then a few manage to slip by. However, eBay does take scams seriously and you can rest assure that you're in good hands. There are plenty of options and great prices on eBay.

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