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where to get free articles for your websites

Updated on October 29, 2008


In this article, I will tell you some ways for getting free articles to your website. There are many kinds of free articles. Without PLR and with PLR in the first case (without PLR) you can not edit the article, and if you have PLR you can edit the articles and even put your name on it.

What is reprint rights?

Reprint rights is the permision given to duplicate , or reproduce content on the web without this rights you cannot copy any source of articles or other proiducts and use them in your websites or sell it.

What is PLR?

The full form of PLR is Private Label rights. If you have private label rights to an article, you can do a lot of things with it, like placing your name as the writer (author) , edit the article, cut the articles in to various parts (if needed),sell it , give it away for free, get it for membership websites etc.PLR rights always includes Reprint rights.

Which articles you wish to publish to your website

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Getting articles with Reprint rights (without PLR)

You can get articles of various authors without PLR from many websites like

And many more sites like offer this offers this service but you can't change the author's name or edit articles.

Copying of Contents, in whole or in part, is permitted provided that author by-lines are kept intact and unchanged. Hyperlinks and/or URLs provided by authors must remain active.

A link to the article site ( site where you got articles from) (either by printing the URL or by providing an anchor tag to that location, depending on the medium) is suggested.

The opinions expressed by contributing authors to the website are their own. article website bears no responsibility for contributing authors' opinions. and accuracy of article.

Getting articles with PLR

mostly PLR artilces are not given away form free but there are ways to get it for free .You can join giveaway events and get free PLR articles from there

you can try this giveaway event and download many PLR

Thank you for reading this article.Please take your gift before going

i will gift you 200+ PLR articles of Keneth Nastrom on varous topics

top 16 websites which provide free reprint rights articles


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