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Why Did Disney World Switch to Solar Energy?

Updated on December 22, 2019
Brenda Bunney profile image

Brenda has based this article on an interview with a solar expert and research of the industry as a whole.

Disney World | Importance Of Solar Energy

Why did Disney world switch to solar energy? They understand that over a period of years, they can save an extensive amount of money on their energy bills and join in saving the environment at the same time.

Most people understand the importance of proper insulation in our homes, attic fans, and replacing the air filters to allow our heating and cooling systems to run efficiently. We turn the thermostat down or up, just a bit to save on the monthly bills.

What About Using Solar Energy?

What about using our largest natural FREE resource to create power for our homes and businesses? I know many people who use solar outdoor lighting. That is great, but there are more opportunities now than ever before to harness our greatest solar resource, the sun.

Over the last few years, I have heard more about the benefits of solar energy than ever before. Just in the last year, I’ve noticed more solar panels in Oklahoma; and as I’ve traveled, I was surprised at how popular solar panel systems have become across the U.S. I’ve seen individual homes and open fields in the Northwest (Washington State) area full of solar panels I wondered, "were people seeing drastic savings on their energy bills, or was the idea of “going green” appealing to more and more Americans, or both?" So I decided to do a little research.

3 Reasons People Switch To Solar

1) Utilize renewable energy sources

2) Government rebates on solar systems are making systems more affordable

3) Preserving our planet for future generations

Solar Panels | One Step Closer To “Off The Grid”

The term “going green” has been around for a long time and utilized in various ways. Going “Off the Grid” is a newer term for being more self- sufficient. Using wind or sun as an energy source. It is just harnessing what already exists. We do not have to alter it, and there is no pollution to our environment.

Just like anything else, it’s a learning curve. Wind energy has been in Oklahoma for many years. There are wind turbinesin the Northwest corner of the state. Windmills were used for many years by farmers to harness energy as well. Solar power in the residential and commercial sectors is newer but plays an immense role in preserving our world for the next generation.

Solar Energy In Your State

Some states are proactive and supportive of solar energy, while others are not as quick to promote the alternative to fossil fuel. Oklahoma, for instance, is an oil-producing state, so using less fossil fuel might impact the oil industry and ultimately tax revenues. However, from a consumer point of view, it is a great state to harness solar power for both residential and business use. There are many sunny days and the summers are absolutely sweltering! The consumer has the potential to save a lot of money and reduce fossil fuel consumption, resulting in consumers paying lower energy bills and a cleaner environment

Why Did Disney World Switch To Solar Energy?

Disney World has made the switch from fossil fuel to solar power, and they aren't the only massive company to do so. Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Khols, Apple and several others have made enormous changes in the way they utilize energy. All are making major moves towards solar power, as well as other renewable energy activities to save money and preserve our planet. Between the tax incentives and implementing additional money-saving clean energy products, solar energy is becoming a more recognized clean energy solution across the United States for homeowners, small businesses and large corporations alike.

What Do Solar Energy Benefits Look Like For Me?

Solar energy may take on different forms from state to state through the years as the tax credits change, but it is growing in popularity as a viable energy source. At this time there are government rebates to make purchasing a solar panel system very low or possibly zero cost over an extended period of time. Without the rebates, most homeowners and small businesses would have a hard time justifying the expense if they were installing a system for purely economic reasons.

The financial benefit of a solar panel system as an alternative energy source to the end-user varies widely between states and individual situations. it does take years to recover the cost of the system, but benefits are immediate. Disney and the other massive companies switched for the long-term benefit of lowering their energy bills and the positive effect on the environment.

Should I Switch To Solar Power?

From my research, the question as to the degree of benefit an individual consumer or business will be able to reach IS VERY INDIVIDUAL and requires a renewable energy expert to analyze the following areas::

1) Government rebates available in your state

2) How energy efficient you are now

3) Other clean energy solutions you can utilize to most benefit your energy savings.

There are many opportunities to drastically reduce your monthly energy bills and make you stare in amazement every single month! I would love to make predictions on the percent of savings you could see, but that is a very individual estimate and only an estimate that a professional can provide.

I did see where the government rebates may begin to decline in 2020. I say "may" because we hope the government will extend the benefits. solar is just now starting to really take hold in the U.S.

Two Ways To Purchase Solar Panel Systems

1) Owner Purchase - The owner purchases the panel system themselves, then pays for it over a period of time with the savings from their electric bill. Any tax credits belong to the owner.

2) Third-party purchase - A third party purchases the equipment, then leases it back to the owner for a fixed monthly payment until the equipment has been completely paid off. The user is purchasing power from the third party company. The payment is based on what the system produces. The tax credit belongs to the lender as well, which may be a viable option if taxes aren’t an issue to the end-user.

As of December 2019, both options allow the final consumer to go solar with little to no up-front cost. If you are seriously considering a solar panel system for your home or business, get your estimate now! Government rebates may change for 2020!

How Do I Choose A Solar Company?

There is a tremendous amount of information and the benefits of going solar vary greatly from state to state. Hiring the right company is exactly the same for your solar power needs as it is if you are hiring any other contractor for your home. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring an electrical contractor, flooring and tile contractor, or energy contractor. Finding a company that has your best interests at heart during the sales process, excellent installation techs, and support after installation is crucial. The people make the difference, starting with the owners and their core values.

Finding a company that focuses on renewable energy and provides energy-efficient home improvement services to clients beyond solar panels is great because while solar panels for your home or business are the foundation of solar businesses, there are other services that can save you money on your energy bills, such as adding insulation, roofing your home, and adding cooling fans for the attic. There are several ways for consumers to lower their energy bills no matter what the situation.

People Make ALL The Difference

Jarom Youngblood is with Smart Energy Today. I highly recommend Jarom. He builds relationships and educates potential clients, showing them how his products and services provide value to their lives by operating their homes and businesses on clean energy and saving them money on their energy bills.

He knows his products and his business, but equally important, he listens to his client and is honest. Jarom will sit down with a client and together they will determine what works best for their situation, walking them through the whole process, showing them how they benefit.

He comes from a place of helping others meet their goals of lowering their bills and using renewable, clean energy. He believes in his products and knows it’s a win for his clients. If you are a client of Jarom’s, you are in good hands before, during, and after your installation! Notice I didn’t say “sale”? That’s because Jarom builds relationships that start with the sale and go beyond the installation.

Remember, I said solar energy varies dramatically between states? You must find a “Jarom” in your state. Find someone in your area who is a solar professional and let them guide you to the best way to save on your energy bills.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Brenda Bunney


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