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5 Reasons For Using Twitter

Updated on July 6, 2011

Twitter, the social networking and micro blogging site, the follow-unfollow sensation which is now as popular as facebook or any other networking or blogging site is used by millions of people for various reasons. For some it is just another site where you can connect with your friends, follow people whom you like or just spam, but what is it that makes twitter so special and what it is actually meant for, lets have a look:

  • Best Source of News - With twitter you can get the latest news so easily. You can follow any news source like breakingnews or espn (for the latest and freshest on sport news).By following them you can always stay updated about what's happening around.
  • News before it happens - With the help of trending topics you can always know what's hot and what's not. Always check out what is trending and why. Who knows what you might be reading about on twitter now may turn out to be the headline of next days newspaper.
  • Celebrities were never so close - Remember the days when you would check out different sources to know what is happening in the life of your favorite star. Now its super easy, just follow the star and you will know, through themselves, whats going on in their lives. What's good is that when you tweet about them they follow you. Really.
  • Marketing - i know you will twitch your nose a bit on the word marketing, but actually on twitter its fun, big brand names are using twitter for marketing and it is quite fun to know what your favorite brand is up to, after all there are the deals, sales and trivias to keep you stuck with them. P.S (Marketing don't means spamming, never do that to your mighty followers.)                                                                                                                  Also see - Working together from anywhere made easy  
  • Twitter has given life to many - Not literally, but Url shortening services like Tinyurl, bitly, got new life since the word limit is 140 characters,people are using them like never before. Also for those who love to share quotes and jokes and links to amazing things, twitter is a platform unmatched. (Well twitter has helped in saving life in reality also, the one about which I know is here "How Twitter Saved Lives"

I hope this hub helped you understand twitter better and being not a social networking moron. (This hub is part of the series of upcoming hubs called "Don't Be A Social Moron")

Using Twitter

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    • profile image

      Raphael 3 years ago

      I was struck by the hosnety of your posting

    • profile image

      Regiane 3 years ago

      This is way better than a brick & mortar esnltaishmebt.

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      voted up!