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wifi on airplanes

Updated on November 10, 2010

When you usually board an airplane, you usually wonder who you will be seated next to you or how long the flight will be or what in-flight movie they will be offering to show. But now those thoughts are changed because airplanes offer wifi connections. People can now connect with their friends and family on board or do some business work or even catch with the news. With wifi connections on board, flights will be interesting. 

The concept of having wifi on board was first thought of German airliner, Lufthansa offered  wireless in 2004. Then at least eight other international airliners followed to have wireless connections on board flights. Japan airliner, Scandinavian airliner, All Nippon Airliner and Singapore airliner, Korean, El Al airliner, China airliner, and Asiana airliner will follow Lufthansa on providing wireless connection on their flights.

Wifi connections one of the best solutions to have onboard flights due to the fact that no cellphones are allowed for use. With wireless connections, business travelers and customers are now able to contact with their friends and families, check their emails, web conferences, watch videos, check the news, the weather, sports, or even pay their bills online. Having wifi on board will give passengers to be more productive while flying.

In 2004, the number of passengers that uses the wireless connection on board vary from about 15 users in one flight and the users are mainly business travelers. However, the problem was that wireless connections were only provided to flights going to the US. The other thing was that the wifi connections were not free to access. There was a fee for its use for at least $30; so the wireless was not for everyone.

In the US of 2008, airliners like U.S, Delta, American, Southwest, Alaska, Jetblue and Virgin America are offering wireless connections on board flights across the United States. This is good because most American travelers love being online anytime anywhere. However, there is always a problem, not many flights on these airlines provided wifi connections. Even though you are traveling with these airlines you have to know if the plane your flying will provide wireless connections on board. Another small problem is the pricing. Most airliners would provide wireless connection fees depending how long the flight is. For example $3 for 2 hours, $5 for 4 hours and $8 for 9 hours or $50 for a company package that you can use for like 5 1 month.

However, around 2009-2010 most US airliners will provide wireless connections on board with fees. Passengers say that wifi on board planes is not that good because most people hardly use a laptop on planes. They also say that paying for internet is totally unnecessary. Passengers say that they would rather enjoy the flight and just rest and not think about business nor having any contacts with anybody until they land. 

On the other hand, having wireless connections on board airplanes is a great addition because it will make a good and interesting flight to those who uses the internet everyday. With wifi on planes, some passengers do not have to worry about how long they will land or what movies to watch or how annoy is that baby next to you crying throughout the flight. You can just go online, chat, email or watch videos or do business. Even though, airlines have placed payment fees for onboard wireless connections, wifi on planes are a big help those who are internet lovers. In fact, wifi connections on board planes will be free, free access that is, around mid 2011.  


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    • villanueva21 profile image

      John Villa 7 years ago from Greece

      Yea thats the thing. Wifi connections in international flights has not been active yet. they only allow it on some planes that go to America. Asian planes do not allow it due to NO internet companies and no asian airline that could allow access. everyone needs internet in every flight because everyone should enjoy flying!

    • Chin chin profile image

      Chin chin 7 years ago from Philippines

      This sounds great. I also travel on planes sometimes and would like to be able to access the internet during the flight. I wonder if it is available in planes traveling to and from the Philippines?

    • villanueva21 profile image

      John Villa 7 years ago from Greece

      Oh me too. I travel from Greece to the Philippines and I would love to have free wifi connections on board the planes. Im sick and tired of the same movies they show and since Im in the economy class I tend to get bored of the long flight. why not surf the net, why not email your friends or talk to them, or even watch youtube, or check your facebook.

    • Fashion Conscious profile image

      Fashion Conscious 7 years ago from CA

      I support the proliferation of FREE WIFIs on airplanes. This will create a great diversion to those who get easily bored in long flights. Also, will help those who are scared of flying.