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Wind Turbines: An Efficient Solution to the Energy Crisis

Updated on October 9, 2012
Wind turbines create a clean, safe energy for our planet
Wind turbines create a clean, safe energy for our planet

The debate over global warming and the solution to this problem is increasingly expanding. Leaders of different countries have thought about even the most extreme way of reducing the damage caused by relentless use of electricity. Although living on Mars or Venus might be one effective way to escape the suffering caused by global warming, there are still simple ways that we can put to use to heal Mother Nature.

Aside from solar panels, wind turbines are a good option to lessen the use of energy from coals and oil which have been the two biggest culprits of ruining the ozone layer. Just as solar panels emit energy or through the sun's rays, wind turbines also produces electricity by using wind.

Wind turbines are devices that turn kinetic energy from the wind to mechanical energy. In this way, electricity is produced and distributed all throughout the area where wind turbines are installed. Wind turbines have two different types and forms. Over the past decade, wind turbines have evolved with horizontal and vertical axis. Engine turbines can range from 100 kilowatts to a number of megawatts. The smallest wind turbine is used to charge electronic devices, batteries, or auxiliary power on sail boats. Those that have the biggest engine turbines are used as a source of commercial electric supply.

Many people are continually discouraged to use this natural way of producing electricity because of the lack of knowledge of how and when to use them. They are also discouraged because of so-called adverse health effects. Studies that disprove these adverse health effects show that wind energy is completely safe to use. Maybe we, as a society of earth dwelling people, need to look at what is worse; global warming caused from coal plants and nuclear waste caused from nuclear power plants or wind energy from turbines. Wind turbines were purposefully invented to reduce the warming of the Earth and that's good news for any environmentally conscious person.

Going green should become the people’s goal to achieve a healthier tomorrow. Alternative methods for generating electricity have long been invented and today they are finally being put to good use. Mother Nature already has provided us with everything that we need. Let's look after our earth and use a clean energy that we, us, earth and future generations, can be happy with.


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