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Getting a printer for your SOHO? Consider Wireless All in One Printer

Updated on June 27, 2015

Wireless all in one printer is one of the recent trends in small office home office computing technology. All in one printer is the type of printer that comes with multiple options such as copying, scanning, printing and faxing in one single machine. So instead of having to buy numerous standalone office equipments, this one piece alone is enough for all the office tasks and which is why it is also known as multifunctional printer.

All in one printer is not only designed just for small and medium business, as home users can also benefit from it. This is especially true if all the members in the family needs to have access to printing facility. Getting the printers that are with better resolution and print quality will absolutely serve best for people who are into photography and like having their work to be printed out. With the added wireless (wifi) capability, sharing the printer among all users are much easier than you can think of.

Benefits of Wireless All in One Printer

Brother Wireless All in One Printer
Brother Wireless All in One Printer
HP Wireless All in One Printer
HP Wireless All in One Printer

The most significant benefit that you get from the wireless all in on printer is that how easy it if for everyone around your home or office to share and use the same machine.

Once you have the printer on a wireless network and have it configured to be shared among the users that you permit them to access, it's all ready. There's no need to do cabling to connect every PC and laptop in the network and which that saves a lot of cost and time. There's no worries having to send the documents to other PC to print.

Secondly, since you do not have to deal with the cabling, all you need for it to work is just plug it into an outlet. You can place it just about anywhere that you like as long as it is within the range of the signal.

Wireless all in one printer won't clutter up the surroundings or leave the cables that connected to all the computers exposed. This is particular helpful if you don't have much space on your desk or in your office (working space) or perhaps you want it to be stationed in a more central location for everybody's easy access, that is certainly not a problem.

Finding The Right Wireless All in One Printer

Since you have known what is a wireless all in one printer, now it's the time to know how to choose the one that suits your needs. Reading either online or magazine on multifunction printer reviews will definite help you much in your selection. You will be able to learn the difference in terms of specs and printing quality among the models that you might be interested in. Reviews are the most convenient way and time saving method to find the right machine.

However, the most important thing other than knowing how each model performs is knowing what you need. Things that you need to pay attention include:

  • think about whether or not you need a fax machine. If there is no need for a faxing facility or if you already have one running, then you can go ahead with one that does not have this feature. It costs cheaper without the faxing machine capability.
  • how about your and the other users printing patterns (heavy or normal)
  • do you mostly print photo quality printing
  • how important other factors such as printing speed, resolution and energy efficiency

With those things in mind, it should be quit easy to narrow down the field of wireless all in one printer that might suits your needs. The price of  a wireless multifunction printer depends on the brand and model that you choose; you can find one that comes with a price which is as low as US$80 to some high end model that even surpass the thousand mark. You can find a fair one with faxing capability priced at around US$150 to US$280. Major brands such as Canon, Epson, Brother, HP and Lexmark do offer theirs models of wireless all in one printers.

As you can see, there are many different benefits to wireless all in one printers. When you use multifunction printer reviews you'll be able to compare all of the options for yourself so you can determine which is the best for your own needs. It's hard to go wrong with the great and diverse class of wireless multifunction printers today.


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