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Wordpress Blogs are Easy

Updated on December 18, 2008

Another Reason to get your Domains from GoDaddy

Video of a Guy Installing WordPress with Fantastico

My WordPress Blog Costs $3.00 per Year

While I do not claim to be an expert on Wordpress, I have studied several video courses on installation and set up. But I prefer to use Fantastico. Its a commercial script library which automates the installation of 100s of different software applications. Making it really easy for us non-geek types to install it.


Heres what I do, I get a domain from Go Daddy if you want a domain for around $3.00 a year.

Next I get a free web-host Yes free Click Here no advertisements. My friend allows you to host 3 domains for free on his servers. So far I havent found a catch although he does send an email once in a while.

His server has Fantastico and you can install Wordpress for free in about 5 seconds with a click of a button. So there you have it a word press blog with your own domain for $3.06 per year.

Of course you will have to mess with your blog, ad your adsense code, maybe install a few plugins. Check out the one I did FishSurfboards


But I have some kewl plugins installed on it. To name one I installed smart rss. Thats how I get my hubs and other peoples hubs also on to my blog. I did not type or post manually. Hey autobloging! I hope this was helpful to you.

I hope you realize these blogs are really free and start to be in profit the first few weeks from adsense. I have another host also that cost me 5.00 per year to host unlimited domains. You can find those guys up on ebay. My 5 dollar a year host has Fantastico also! Yup ! Wordpress Free and Easy !! Feel free to ask any questions you have about Wp. My WP blogs is still a work in progress. But like I said they are easy ! Check out unlimited domain hosting cheap. You will see you can host 100 wordpress blogs, websites, databases etc if you want for very little per year.











Susan Shows How to Install Plug-ins

Wordpress plug-ins I like

Well I would say several come to mind. Smart rss for one. You can set up your website to pull content from rss feeds and post them automatically on your website. Its easy to install and implement.

Next I would say alinks You can install this plug-in and put keywords into it. The keywords on your site will have a different color and link to the website you want them to. That one kicks butt!!

Fear not Plug-ins are normally easy to install and use. Susan hooks us up with this utube flick about how easy wordpress plug-ins really are to install. I hope you enjoyed this hub and found it useful and informative Thank you for visiting.

Hosting Unlimited Domains

I touched on this a bit earlier on this but its important to understand that you can buy .info domains for 3.06 from godaddy. You can buy cheap hosting on ebay that allow you to host as many domains as you want. Check the feedback and bandwidth restrictions before buying on ebay. Host 1000 Wordpress blogs if you want! I host my friends for the cost I pay per year for all my domains. Everyone of them think I am BS-ing when I say Hey you can get unlimited hosting on ebay also for $5.00 a year. They say that's ok and pay me 10.00 a year. They still think I am doing them a favor. Or as I stated before go to and host your blog for free.

Godaddy Best Marketing Team in the World


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  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 10 years ago from Portugal

    Cool, great information!

    Thank you Coolbreeze!

  • MrMarmalade profile image

    MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

    Great Hub . Thanks for wrting it I am going to endeavour to ut it altogetehr during the next 7 days

    Thank you