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Is Wordpress the Best Blogging Platform?

Updated on October 1, 2014

The Popularity of WordPress

According to a number of surveys, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform online - both the free, hosted version and the CMS that you download and install on your own server. It's easy to use, looks fantastic outside the box, and the admin panel is also very convenient to navigate. It might be a bit heavy on shared hosting, but various caching plugins like WP Super Cache should solve such problems quickly.

Indeed, there are many good reasons as to why WordPress is so popular. However, is it really the best blogging platform there is? If you know one that could give WP a run for its money, please share it in the ongoing discussion below.

What Do You Think?

Is Wordpress truly the best blogging platform available, or perhaps you know a better CMS for blogging?

Yes, WP is the best!

Yes, WP is the best!

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    • halvmarathonJes 3 years ago

      I think so

    • vajradhatu 4 years ago

      Sure is.

    • scoobydooo9r 4 years ago

      I am not very knowledgeable of other CMS platforms, but I do think that Wordpress beats the heck out of Dreamweaver and html sites!

    • contentqueenmel 4 years ago

      Wordpress is great for beginner bloggers and for experienced bloggers. I recommend it to bloggers of all experience levels. I love all the available themes and widgets.

    • aliwings 4 years ago

      I love wordpress, simple and easy to use.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I think the reason Wordpress is so popular is because of the easy-to-use interface, the great amount of features and because it's really stable. I

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      IF you know what you're doing, it's highly customizable.

    • peterjohnsongwb 5 years ago

      Yes, Today The WordPress is the best blogging platform. Because there are so many themes available that makes it attractable, so many plugins available that makes it functional and secure.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Yes by far! More functionality and more opportunity to do more and leverage it - if you know what you are doing! Things like cloning, moving your site, backing up and turning it into a machine are childs play for wordpress

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Wordpress absolutely the best !

    • Little Linda Pinda 5 years ago from Florida

      I love Wordpress.

    • ferginarg lm 5 years ago

      It's great if you know what you're doing, I've been using it for ages and have built some complex websites with, I'm clicking yes, but I also think that it's now much more than a blogging platform.

    • Surminga 5 years ago

      Self-Hosted using wordpress is the best by far

    • ilike2create 5 years ago

      Yes, I run a self-hosted wordpress installation and I like it!

    • ReneeArpin 5 years ago

      I love WP!!

    • JaredBroker 5 years ago

      I love Wordpress for SEO friendliness. I admit that I like the way Drupal looks and feels slightly more, though.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I love it!

    • ananimoss2 5 years ago

      Yes, that's the only one I tried...and perfectly happy

    • meisgood132 5 years ago

      Yes it's the most versatile.

    • JoeSteinbeck 5 years ago

      You've got to love all of the plugins and support that Wordpress offers

    • Buxykay 6 years ago

      To me personally, I think that wordpress is the best blogging platform. I can write books with thousands of volumes to support my opinion but unfortunately I am not a good writer. After discovering the many advantages against the disadvantages of wordpress, I started to convert my static websites to blogs and you can guess on which platform I placed my preference.

      Takes less than a minute to install, easy to configure, search engine friendly, millions of free support plugins, etc.. etc..

    • xoxotani 6 years ago

      I love wordpress a lot. Tons of themes and layouts to choose from and many ways to share.

    • Moe Wood 6 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      Definitely. The creativity outlet is second to none.

    • Donnette Davis 6 years ago from South Africa


    • Kenken99 LM 6 years ago

      Totally. WordPress has a very easy-to-navigate interface and a bagful of features. Also, on the right to me is a response that offers much more. Well, InkFeeds uses WordPress!

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      From wch heaven has Matt came?

      Nooooooo challenge for his work.

      Wordpress is quite simple and will be more simpler and powerfull and it is now too a powerful.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Not at all. Tumblr is the best one out there right now, no doubt. A lot easier and to the point. It's steadily gaining adepts. Watch out wordpress, you're pretty but too heavy sometimes ;)

    • BazSmith 6 years ago

      I think Wordpress has enough functionality for most people, although I am always open to improvements if they are necessary and I can see the merits.

    • willisx32 6 years ago

      the modules and themes for wordpress are neato. They also have fantastic plugins for SEO to generate more traffic to your blog.

    • Kenken99 LM 6 years ago

      I've used tons of blogging platforms and no matter what I like WordPress, especially The support team is great, there are beautiful themes, and the free features are cool.

    • Allison Whitehead 6 years ago

      Yes I've found it excellent and easy to use. There are enough plugins to keep everyone happy! Best for beginners and intermediate I think.

    • cbessa 6 years ago

      No doubt about it.

    • anonymous 6 years ago

      Started with Blogger switched to Wordpress and never looked back, I prefer hosting all my own blogs.

    • glenbrook 6 years ago

      I like it. Easy to set up, easy to use, tons of modules, easily available documentation. Lots easier to set up and use than Drupal.

    • meanderfly lm 7 years ago

      Most definitely yes. I started out with b2Evolution and though it is a powerful blogging platform it did not compare with the power of WordPress.

      Wordpress is so easy to get up and running. The wide variety of themes and plugins let you make your blog into anything you can imagine. As a CMS it has no equal. I've never been happier, switching to WordPress was the best blogging move I ever made.

    • nickgallagher 7 years ago

      if its customization you're looking for then this is the platform for you. Tons of plug-ins, large community, thousands of themes (free or paid) and overall awesome platform. Think of WordPress plug-ins similar to Apple Apps (tons of options)

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I agree!! Not only is it the best for blogging, you can create any kind of website using it. There is just no reason to go spend loads of money for custom everything when you can access so many plugins on wordpress. To prove this concept, I took a concept to completion in 60 days using wordpress. Check out It is a consumer advocacy site.

    • thaismr 7 years ago

      I have to say YES;

      Plus, since so many people are interested in Wordpress and are building extensions for it, it's a virtuous cicle.. it gets better everyday and more pople join, both users and developers.

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      New video nice and beautifull

    • anonymous 7 years ago

      I think the fact WordPress is available as a self hosted and customizable option and a hosted more limited option, combined with the large community of plugin and theme developers make it the best.

      That said I wish it wasn't in PHP, though PHP and the WordPress codebase in particular is reasonable to read, it'll never be as elegant as some other languages.

    • usingajax 7 years ago

      Yes of course - wordpress is the king of blogging no question

      Reason 1 - Best for SEO

      Reason 2 - Ease of use

      Reason 3 - Plugins, plugins plugins

    • anonymous 8 years ago

      I think wordpress has some advantages: big community, lots of plugins...

    • salonhair lm 8 years ago

      Yes, easy to use and heaps of awesome plugins!

    • anonymous 8 years ago


    • MattTaylor LM 8 years ago

      I started out with Blogger but felt I wanted more control of my writing so I switched to Wordpress. And once I figured it out, it was pretty easy to use... but not as easy as Blogger was of course.

    • Susanna Duffy 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      There is a special place in Heaven for Matt Mullenweg

    • LethalDos 9 years ago

      I'd have to say for web developers, yes. There are other contenders, but WordPress is my favorite. It's easy to customize and even easier for ANYONE to administer. If a client wants to update their own site I prefer to set them up with WP.

    • onlinexpert 9 years ago

      Yes it is the best along with the essential plugins of Wordpress. And the best thing is it's free...

    • courtsantos 9 years ago

      I have 6 wordpress blogs hosted on and have almost 13 websites hosted on my own wordpress private blog, so I think its safe to say that yes wordpress is the best blogging software. I also just recently updated to 2.5 version. You can view it at

    • anonymous 9 years ago

      Wordpress is, at the moment, the most feature-rich blogging platform available, thanks to the huge number of plugins available. The new 2.5 branch will be great, i've already done a test install and albeit some troubles, it's going really well!

    • TheQueenBee 9 years ago

      Yes, without a doubt. It's robust, flexible and the blogging platform of choice for many of the world's top bloggers. I love it!

    • lens4Him 9 years ago

      Wordpress is the best, but you need to know which plugins to add to get the best from it

    • Gil Hildebrand 9 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      We use Wordpress at Squidoo and find it really handy. I've built several custom plugins, all of which were easy enough. The only trouble I recall having was figuring out how the templating system worked. But that can be easily solved by picking an existing theme that most closely resembles your desired finished product and just making changes to the theme.

    • Ellen Brundige 9 years ago from California

      I haven't had that much experience with different platforms, except that Blogger and LJ weren't enough when I was ready to launch my own blog. I will say that all the plugins for WordPress plus its plug-and-playability are wonderful. A bit like Photoshop, it's got a ton of tools under the hood, but the defaults run very well until you learn how to use them. I got my Mom up and running in an evening on hers, too, when she has no experience with blogs or even online forums.

      Ease of use won my loyalty from WordPress very quickly. I don't know if it's the best, but it's the best for me, right now.

    No, there's a better one!

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      • TheNamesClove 4 years ago

        I was using blogspot originally, and had heard that Wordpress was way better. If you know CSS coding it may very well be more customizable. If, like me, you prefer to bypass any coding and customize a theme however you wish, I recommend blogspot. I am using wordpress at the moment, but not only did I find blogspot easier, blogspot blogs promote themselves through With wordpress I've had a hard time building as much traffic.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Be prepared for a lot of hours and headache if you use Wordpress.

        1a. Importing a blog from another platform will likely double-import all your images. Support ignores the problem as if it doesn't exist. Google it.

        1b. WP also does NOT import the full-sized image from your previous blog, so beware.

        2a. Creating a post with images takes a lot of work. Try counting the number of clicks. That's how much work you'll have to do over and over again.

        2b. WP doesn't automatically take the first image and make it the display image. You have to manually go in and do it for every single post.

        2c. Multi-image gallery creates tiny thumbnails with terrible padding. The presentation is sub-par, nowhere as nice as Posterous or Tumblr.

        3. the free version doesn't allow ANY sort of css or webkit typeface customization like blogger. WP is designed so that you will have to pay up if you want to make even a single adjustment to the template.

        4a. The media library is buggy: Editing images (rotate, crop, etc) sometimes work and sometimes doesn't.

        4b. Trying to locate an image to delete will be very difficult, because you can ONLY search for the exact image name instead of the post that the image is attached to. So you'll have to go in and manually figure out the name of every single image and try to locate it in the media library to delete. Good luck doing that if you upload images from a camera with random number names.

        5a. Posting via email has quite a few shortcodes to control how your post looks or how it's published, BUT there is no way to specify the default behavior. For example, if you were working on a team blog and want all your author-submitted stories to go to draft by default... they have to remember to specify that with a shortcode in the email every time. If someone forgets, it gets posted to the front-page! Ouch. This is just completely unacceptable.

      • MarkTrueman 5 years ago

        Wordpress is great, no doubt but there are better platforms

      • Laura Brown 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        Most of you having problems with WordPress are using I bet. WP is MUCH easier to use and more flexible if you run it on your own domain. I don't use because it has far less options than keeping a blog on Blogger/ Blogspot now.

      • Laura Brown 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        WordPress has the most community support, right now. That doesn't make it the best blogging platform. People shouldn't get themselves stuck with just one option. Keep exploring and learning. Try other options like Movable Type, which was very popular before WordPress and is still a great CMS. MT had multiple blogs from the same site as an option long before WP had it's MU. I like WordPress and I run it for several blogs, but it's easy and that's why I use it. I'm starting a new blog on Movable Type just because I want to expand my horizons.

      • anonymous 5 years ago


      • TeacherSerenia 5 years ago

        I have used Blogspot with no problems for 5 years - until today. Am trying to move to Wordpress and am finding it very hard. Wordpress is NOT user friend;y

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        I heard wordpress was great, but I just started using it and i can't figure out how to customise my theme. It keeps trying to charge me. I find this insane? blogspot that i also use does this for free. Am i just doing something wrong or do you have to pay to customise the blogs appearance?

      • anonymous 6 years ago

        I loved it till i used this new blog host I have just discovered,, and they offer much more. take a look at them.

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        No way, the learning curve is vertical!

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        WordPress is a great CMS but try running it as a single blog page on a site, the time it takes to create a theme from scratch to match the rest of the site and all the features that aren't used.

        WordPress is a great CMS, in fact possibly the best opensource cms, its just a little bit too big to be called a Blogging Platform anymore.

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        I hated that wordpress made it look as though I was able to edit CSS codes, but then after I clicked preview it told me I would need to buy the feature.

      • anonymous 7 years ago

        It has a large feature set, but the interface is very convoluted, especially for new users.

        I originally had some stigma against Blogspot after seeing new, flashy apps like Tumblr, but Blogspot seems to be the best

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        custom code is always better.. for those who can handle the truth

      • anonymous 8 years ago

        Tumblr is the best (in my opinion)

      • eclecticeducati1 8 years ago

        I really do not like Wordpress. Sorry.

      • inkserotica 8 years ago

        I have to go with Blogger :) Easy to use and the ability to change your templates whenever you want to (hosted wordpress blogs are restricted to the templates already installed and they're usually naff.) Blogger will always be my first choice if I need to set up another blog.

      • dc64 lm 8 years ago

        I like Blogger because it's easy. Wordpress seems a bit more complicated, and I have enough of that in my life already.

      • CosmeticSurgeryIreland 8 years ago

        I have learned to love it a little but really I love TypePad for the excellent support.

      • anonymous 9 years ago

        Hey guys, forget wordpress! is the new big thing. Itâs way easier, I tried it out, and you can sell your stories with a 75% revenue share. Stories look way better. I seriously think Klatcher will crash wordpress & Co.

      • carny 9 years ago

        I have found my "best" blogging software in NucleusCMS. I like the if/else statements that can be used with a number of conditions, and it's skin/template system.

        What bugs me in Wordpress is that editing the skins is complicated; you add the changes like custom code to .php files, and they can be overwritten later by software upgrades... In NucleusCMS, the skins are separate from the program part, and you can add whatever code you want to them easily.

        I'd take NucleusCMS over Wordpress in most cases ;)

        What it lacks is the SEO-friendly URLs out-of-the-box. Also, the community and the developer team is many times smaller than that of Wordpress. However, it also means you can be heard and your questions might be answered by the devs themselves.

      WordPress logo.
      WordPress logo. vs

      There are actually two kinds of WordPress: the .com one is a hosted blogging service, whereas .org offers a downloadable package that you install on your own shared hosting or dedicated server. If you decided to go with WP for your blogging needs, choose the version which suits your needs better.

      Hosted (

      • Probably the easiest way to start blogging.
      • Free to use with a subdomain. Your own domain may be mapped for an additional cost of $13 a year.
      • No advertising allowed on your blog; in fact, Automattic might display their own ads on it, according to their Terms of Service.
      • Some basic customization and themes. More capabilities available with yearly upgrades.

      Standalone (

      • Requires you to own a hosting package and your own domain.
      • Harder to set up, but there are numerous tutorials available.
      • Unlimited customization - your imagination and skills are the only limits.

      Great Help For a Newbie Blogger

      Blogging For Dummies
      Blogging For Dummies

      A handy guide for anyone who wants to start blogging, but doesn't know how. This book will help you with everything, from choosing the topic you'll be writing about, to selecting the best blogging software. Blogging will be easy with this book at hand.


      More Than Just a Blogging Platform

      Wordpress can be adapted to do just about anything

      Perhaps one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is that it can be used for more than just blogging. Over the years enthusiasts have adapted WP to use it for news sites, online magazines, review sites, online stores, podcasts, and more. This versatility was made possible because of the detailed information and documentation available, which really helps anyone who wants to learn about customizing this great CMS. Of course, blogging is still the #1 thing individuals and companies use WordPress for.


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        • profile image

          alicecornelios8 4 years ago

          Hi there Chad! I am a blogger and I want to make money online, but I often times wonder for my fellow blogger who uses free blog platform. Is there a chance that they can earn the same way as keeping your own domain?

          Alice from

        • profile image

          claudiajux 4 years ago

          Try JUX.COM!!

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          @anonymous: I am willing to my site to wordpress permanently

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I've tried everything on as an alternative, and nothing beats WordPress period.

        • profile image

          MarkTrueman 5 years ago

          I love the argument and seeing what other people have to say. Just squidliked this post :)

        • ferginarg lm profile image

          ferginarg lm 5 years ago

          The great debate :-) I for one think it's a brilliant platform to work with once you've gotten a bit of experience using it, thanks for this lens I enjoyed reading peoples remarks.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          hey lensmaster i just started using squidoo and my first post is about wordpress.

          please checkout my post and suggest me some tips to improve..

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I am very happy to keep track the thing that I used to do. many thanks for sharing. impressive page indeed.

        • profile image

          bolt101 5 years ago

          A very nice insight. One good guide for new bloggers is A Guide to the Perfect Blog

        • profile image

          Donnette Davis 6 years ago from South Africa

          Wordpress is brilliant, particularly for trying to coach people into taking control of their own blog.. it's simple, pretty and user friendly... Self-hosting is fantastic with more advanced users!

        • NoYouAreNot profile image

          NoYouAreNot 6 years ago

          Brilliant simplicity!

        • Allison Whitehead profile image

          Allison Whitehead 6 years ago

          I get on just fine with Wordpress, although I wouldn't recommend the free version if you want to take total control of it.

        • profile image

          Tanzz 7 years ago

          I think so. WordPress is the content management platform that I have come across. I'm a big fan of WP. Cheers

        • profile image

          Kaelos 7 years ago

          I'm a big wordpress fan! In fact, I just made a lens about Yaro Starak's Become a Blogger Premium Course... check it out, it's about how to become a blogger quickly!

        • profile image

          wecomparebooks 7 years ago

          cool lens!

          Please check out mine and comment!

        • profile image

          anonymous 8 years ago

          I think WordPress is the best because its so flexible and, for the most part, free. But I hated WordPress until I bought this product and finally am able to make my blog work much better!

        • carny profile image

          carny 9 years ago

          Yes, I agree the lens needs more work. Maybe in the future :)

          I've visited your site. So do you mean to say you add each new post 'manually', so to speak, and upload it to your server? And it's all static HTML? That looks like a lot of work. All modern blogging platforms or CMS (content management systems) make it a much easier process I believe. You can type the post online, click publish and that's it. Your site is dynamic basically.

          Static pages of course have their own advantages: safety, very little resource usage, and such. But I can't imagine many people using static sites nowadays. That's so XX century ;)

        • profile image

          diggyisking 9 years ago

          Mmmm...interesting although you could expand the lens by detailing each specific blogging software and the pros and cons of it.

          I have recently started a site and started with a css sheet that I edited in notedpad.

          However my friend suggested I get wordpress which will make it much easier to insert blogs.

          Any help?