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Tutorial: Step by Step, How to turn webcam to an IP camera

Updated on June 15, 2012
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This tutorial is to set a basic webcam(USB camera) to IP Camera


1. Basic USB Camera
2. PC, Laptop or considered as a computer.
3. YAWCAM Software, this is a freeware. You can download it here

4. Internet Connection

System requirement:

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later.
DirectX 9 or later.
Windows Media Player 9 or later.
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Here I will show the instruction step by step.


1. Install YAWCAM.exe on your computer

Note: If you are missing any JAVA, or any of those. YAWCAM will allow you to download before the installation processes.

2. Launch YAWCAM

3. Go to Setting > Detect Webcam

4. Choose USB Video Device (Make Sure you select a right Device)

5. Enable Stream, and then Unblock the JAVA to Firewall exception.

6. Go to Start > Run > cmd > type “ipconfig” to find your ip address and default gateway

7. Access to your router by default gateway ip (mine is )

8. Login to your modem/router (this can be different depends on your router)

9. Set the port forwarding / port triggering
YAWCAM uses UCP/TCP on stream
starting port 8081 and ending 8081 (See the picture)
Server IP address is your LOCAL IP address (This can be found in step#6)

10. Apply/Save your configuration

11. Go to YAWCAM again. Hit help menu and choose either
Am I online? Or What’s my URL? to check your status.

12. You’re all set.

You can see your webcam using the Local IP Address:port number
for example, my Local IP is
I will use this address to see my IP Cam in internet browser.

To see your webcam online, you will have to use a different network connection through
your public IP Address:8081

Any questions? Just leave it here.

Thanks for reading.

by: kuroseki


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    • profile image

      Tech 2 years ago

      what if we are using a meraki firewall? but i already do the port forwarding,but i cant see my webcam online

    • profile image

      appu 3 years ago

      camara software

    • profile image

      fishnz 4 years ago

      Hi Kuroseki

      I found you outline above very helpful as I had previously tried to set up Yawcam but given up in frustration.Even with these instructions I got hung up on a few things.

      The first crucial one was that to set up Port Forwarding you must have a STATIC IP ADDRESS!!! or some other way of managing this.

      This can be obtained from your internet provider and set up with the help of this website

      To set up the modem using the the default gateway as listed in ipconfig for port forwarding this website was very useful

      Powering down and resetting the modem can help clear problems.

      In finding problems this site is helpful

      Finally be aware that the web address to remotely access your Yawcam images cannot be seen through your modem but must be done through another link.

      So I could not see myself when I use my computer to check this address given by Yawcam below but it worked fine on my smart phone.

      ":When you are online other people can see your webcam on these addresses:



      Note: I replaced some of my address by xs for privacy.