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Yearbook Photo Fun

Updated on September 18, 2014

Your photo - Yearbook Styles for 5 decades

Find a picture of yourself looking straight at the camera and then go to YearbookYourself for a good laugh. The site morphs your picture into a classic looks from 1950 - 2000. See yourself as an 80s maven, a 70s Disco Dancer, a '60s hippie, and a '50s nerd. Big Hair, Big Glasses, the dreaded turtleneck - it's all there and very easy to use!

What was your best year?

Yearbook Yourself
Yearbook Yourself

Yearbook Yourself is finally online on an ongoing basis. Ownership of this fun site has changed hands a couple of times and for awhile it was only online for part of the year related to store sales (Taubman Shopping Centers was the owner for 2008-2009).

But now they are owned by Jostens, a company that sells rings, yearbooks and much more to graduating classes. With this - I am pleased to see Yearbook Yourself online year round - with less ads to boot!

Yearbook Yourself
Yearbook Yourself

Yearbook Yourself iPhone Applications

One of the web's biggest hits is now available on your iPhone! The Yearbook Yourself app offers new and exclusive photos only available for the iPhone. Not to mention your favorite photos from the web site. Yearbook Yourself proves that it's never too late to relive the glory days. Simply upload your photo and check out how good, bad or rad you would have looked throughout the decades.

You can even upload your Yearbook Yourself photos directly to your Facebook page. So, download Yearbook Yourself now and start having the most fun you've had since skipping algebra class.

Vimeo Yearbook Yourself


Old Booth Yearbook Photos - iPhone Application

Back to the past with OldBooth. Have you ever wondered what you'd have looked like in another era? How about your friends? Be a lady from 20s or a funky hairy hippie. Now you can turn into in the fastest way ever. Just choose a picture from your library or take a new one with iPhone camera. Move, scale or rotate your images. You can also flip the picture and for a perfect result, adjust brightness. Less then minute and you are done. Picture is automatically saved in Camera Roll for further use. Send it to friends and make them smile, use it as avatar and share it with family, or even set to your contacts. We find it's really addictive and makes everyone laugh.

What's Your Decade?

Which Decade Do you look best in?

See results

Improv Takes Yearbook Photos on a Subway!

Dumpr Photo Editing

Dumpr offers a tool set for turning your existing photos into works of art. Dumpr offers some unique online photo manipulations options for your photo uploads, links to photos and photos directly from your Flickr account.

Cool Clicks - Yearbook Yourself - From KXLY (ABC) Colleen O'Brien



PhotoMontager is similar to the many of the services we have discussed, but it has a wide range of effects including Disney images. Now - I am suspicious if these are legally licensed so proceed as you wish. Also, PhotoMontager leaves their watermark in the lower right of all images

Jpgfun Photo Effects


Jpgfun has a wide variety of images to edit - ranging from G rated, to PG and all the way onto the rest of the alphabet.

Please write in my virtual Yearbook!

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