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10 Amazing Things $10 Can Buy You Around The World

Updated on January 5, 2014

Before You Read!

Have a guess!! Which of the following do you think you can buy in US for $10?

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What Can You Do With $10 Around The Wold?

Thinking of travelling the world? Here's a handy article for your budget planning. After some thorough research, I've put together 10 amazing, and rather surprising things you $10 can buy you around the world.

Should we also rank it in terms of value for money and awesomeness? Why not?

Let's dive straight it!

9. Australia - 4 Bottles of Water

In Australia $10 will get you 4 bottles of water and leave you with a bit of spare change, as the average cost of a bottle is $2.30.

Australia has a fairly high cost of living, which seems to be directly proportional with their high wages. Actually, Australia has the highest minimum wage rate in the world, of $16.88 per hour for an adult.

10. United States - 2 Beers

In United States $10 are not exactly a fortune, but fortunately you can at least buy 2 beers. Therefore, if you are on a night out with your bodies, at least you know you can afford to have 2 drinks. Not too bad, is it?

The minimum wage in America is $7.25 per hour, so I guess you will only have to work less than 1 hour and a half to enjoy those tasty, cold and fresh beverages.

If you were in America, maybe visiting New York or San Francisco, what would you spend you $10 on?

Cafe con Leche
Cafe con Leche

8. Spain - 6 Cafes Con Leche

If you ever find yourself in Spain, the land of Flamenco and delicious tapas (meal tasters of Spanish origin), $10 can buy you 6 delicious coffees with milk. Fortunately this price seems to keep the same from the smallest Spanish village to the top bars in Madrid and Barcelona.

7. England - 6 McDonald's Mayo Chicken

When in England, the land of Royalty and good football, $10 can just about get you 6 of McDonald's cheapest, yet delicious, burgers, their 'Mayo Chicken'. This price is standard wherever you go, thanks to good old McDonalds, so if you are on a tight budget you can count on this.

This is a rather good deal taking into account that 1 dollar can buy you only 0.61 Sterling Pounds.

5. Philippines - 10 Massages

You must have heard about those relaxing, and amazingly cheap, massages you can get on the street in Philippines, didn't you? Well, here a rather amazing fact - they only cost $1.

So with $10 you can treat yourself like a queen, or king, and give yourself 10 massages. Pretty awesome, huh?

6. Russia - 20 Bus Tickets or 2 Cinema Tickets

Although not all costs in Russia are as cheap, with $10 you buy buy 20 bus tickets, or more, irrespective of how long your journey is.

However, if you speak Russian you can also get two cinema tickets for $10. Read more info about the cost of living in Russia here -

0.50 per bus ticket, irrespective of journey length

3. Sierra Leone - 10 Bags of Clean Water

Sierra Leone is the country with the lowest minimum wage in the entire world, of $0.03 per hour. Due to this, the cost of living is also fairly cheap, especially for the foreign visitors.

In Sierra Leone, $10 can buy you 10 bags of clean water, usually weighing 10 liters each.

4. India - 20 Liters of Milk

In India, $10 will buy you up to 20 bottles of milk, that only cost $0.50 per liter.

Although this may seem like a bargain for most tourists, in India this cost is rather high. On a global scale, India is one of the countries with the lowest minimum wages in the world. A full-time worker in India earns a minimum wage of $3 a day, or less.

2. Cambodia - 10 Warm Meals

Cambodia offers a real bargain for $10, and that is 10 warm and generous traditional meals in a restaurant. If you are visiting Cambodia, find a cheap local restaurant and you could be eating for as cheap as $1 per meal. For 3 meals a day, you've got food covered for 3 days already, and breakfast on the last day.

Sounds great for a tight travel budget, doesn't it?

1. Thailand - 1 Night in a Hotel (For 2)

What has to be the best value for the $10 so far is this right here, a night in Thai hotel for only $10. Okay I'll be honest, it's actually $9 and is a double room for two.

I am sure you may find this hard to believe so I took a screen shot of deals, as of today, the time of this writing, for only 11 days ahead. Imagine if you planned this weeks or even months in advance?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Bangkok Hotel For $10 or less
Bangkok Hotel For $10 or less
Bangkok Hotel For $10 or less

Should We Do A Quick Recap Of The 10 Amazing Things $10 Can Buy You Around The World

$10 or Less
United States
2 beers
4 bottles of water
6 coffees
6 McDonald's mayo chicken burgers
20 bus tickets or 2 cinema tickets
10 massages
20 bottles of milk
Sierra Leone
10 bags of clean water
10 warm meals
1 night in a hotel for 2

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