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5 Delightful Places to Visit in Sochi

Updated on January 26, 2020
Alyona Gorbatova profile image

Alyona has been living in Sochi for the whole life. She has explored all the paths of this city and knows how to surprise its guests.

Must-See Picturesque Places in Sochi

You will not find information about the most popular places of Sochi in this article, but there will be a list of unique places, which are not attended by every tourist. Just by visiting these places you can truly penetrate into this city. All these natural landmarks are preserved due to their unpopularity among people who rest in Sochi. We call on all those who plan to visit these places to appreciate and preserve the nature surrounding us.

Vegetation of Subtropical Sochi
Vegetation of Subtropical Sochi

Here are the top 5 unique places to visit in Sochi:

  1. Eagle rocks (White Rocks);
  2. Psaho canyon;
  3. Dolmens in Volkonka;
  4. Matsesta tea plantations;
  5. Little Tea Houses.

Let's speak about them in more detail.

1. Eagle Rocks: Enchanting Beauty of Sochi Mountains

This amazing place, called Eagle Rocks, is situated in the Khostinsky district of the resort, on the right bank of the Agura River, near Agursky waterfalls. Eagle cliffs are absolutely vertical, its height reaches 379 meters. Thanks to the light limestone with which the rocks are covered, the Eagle Rocks is also called the White Rocks. Centuries-old pines and oaks grow on their peaks. There are several caves, the largest of which is at a depth of 15 meters, in the bowels of the rocks.

An amazing view of the Caucasus Mountains opens from the top of the cliffs. It is worth going upstairs. You will see the mountains Akhun, Chugush (3238 m), Achishkho (2391 m), Pseashkho (3227 m), Sugarloaf (1550 m), Aibga Range.

Besides, at the very top of the Eagle Rocks, there is a large monument of Prometheus. The sculpture of the ancient Greek mythology hero was not established there by chance. According to an ancient legend, this was the place where Prometheus was chained for having stolen fire from Olympus. The rock itself, on which the monument to Prometheus is installed, is called the Prometheus Rock.

Eagle Rocks in Sochi
Eagle Rocks in Sochi

2. Psaho Canyon: Appreciate the Subtropical Flora of Sochi

Psaho Canyon is one of the most interesting recreational places to visit in Sochi. A beautiful gorge, which is divided into the Wet Canyon and the Dry Canyon, pristine nature, boxwood and huge tectonic faults await the traveller along the route.

You should keep in mind that not all cars have access to the entrance of the canyon. The road to the canyon itself is unpaved, partially washed away after heavy rains and has drops and pits.

Training routes of varying complexity have been laid on the stone walls of the Dry Canyon; traces of climbing equipment left by climbers are often found here.

Wonderful Nature of Psaho Canyon
Wonderful Nature of Psaho Canyon

3. Dolmen in Volkonka: Mysterious Construction You Must Visit in Sochi

The Volkonsky dolmen is the only survived monolithic dolmen in the world. It means that its chamber is completely carved into the sandstone rock through a small inlet. Located at the bottom of the river valley in the village of Volkonka.

The word "dolmen" is of Celtic origin and translates as "stone table".

There are several versions of how dolmens were used. Some people say that midgets lived inside these mysterious constructions. Others argue that dolmens were used for burial.

There is a hydrogen sulfide source near this dolmen. Water tastes like stale eggs, but it has curative properties.

Ancient Dolmen Volkonsky Near Sochi
Ancient Dolmen Volkonsky Near Sochi

There were built several hundred dolmens in one valley in the South of Russia. Looking at their design features, it is impossible not to be surprised: how it was possible to erect such a "stone house", having so accurately calculated dimensions of the plates that even a knife blade could not be inserted into their joint!

— Aslan Tov, archaeologist, employee of the National Museum of Adygea

4. Matsesta Tea Plantations: The Northernmost Tea in The World

Did you know that the northernmost tea in the world is grown in Sochi?

Matsesta tea is grown in an ecologically clean area, located 15 km from the sea and the city of Sochi among the mountains of the Caucasus Range, devoid of urban infrastructure, routes and other enterprises.

Favourable conditions for tea growth have developed in the Matsesta Valley: a large amount of precipitation (up to 1500 mm per year), mild winters, long warm summers, and nutritious acidic soils, which are very important for the cultivation of this crop.

Leaves are harvested manually or with the help of machines for cutting the sheet from early May to late October. During the year, tea trellises are regularly pruned and thoroughly cleaned. Growing conditions and temperature changes give the tea a special taste and aroma.

In addition to the picturesque views of the Matsesta valley, you can also learn a lot of interesting things about the ancient history and characteristics of the tea plant, get acquainted with the features of the process of growing, collecting and producing the tea while visiting these plantations.

Matsesta Tea Plantations in Sochi
Matsesta Tea Plantations in Sochi

5. Little Tea Houses: Plunge Into Russian Culture While Visiting Sochi

The most Russian attraction in the multinational and multilingual Sochi is the Tea Houses. A traditional Russian tea drinking party with a steaming samovar, delicious pies, sweet jam, honey awaits guests.

It is worth saying a few words about the masters who built the house. Built according to the project of the architect Schwartzbraim in just two years, this “mansion” of a wealthy merchant of Central Russia and Southern Siberia was built by a family of Hutsuls without a single nail. They managed not only to accurately implement the architect’s idea but also to bring their own note to the construction of this distinctive, strong pre-revolutionary home with its foundations and traditions.

Tea Houses in the South of Russia
Tea Houses in the South of Russia

Sochi is Not Just an Olympic City

Sochi is often associated with the Olympics. But it's not only the city of worldwide sports competition. It is a unique place. It is the warm sea and 300 sunny days a year, pure mountain air, curative springs, mineral waters and a variety of historical and natural sights.

Nowhere in Russia will you find such a multinational population. In addition to Russians, Armenians, Georgians, Adyghe, Greeks and many other nationalities live here. And all of them contribute to the formation of special ethnic culture of Sochi. By visiting Sochi you can learn more about the life of these peoples in the South of Russia, about their customs and culture.

We hope this article will help travellers to better know the features of this city and to make the list of places to visit in Sochi.


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