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10 Money Saving Tips on How To Plan Your Vacation

Updated on August 13, 2015
Exotic Places To Visit
Exotic Places To Visit | Source

When you take the decision of going on a vacation make sure you take some time to scrutinize various options available. When individuals decide to go on a holiday, not many have a fair idea of where they want to head. You need to have a clear perspective of the destination you want to go for a vacation. Do not take a hasty decision in regard with holiday destinations. You have to realize a vacation is expensive, and it’s wise to put your money on a destination you know you will have fun. When you tell your friends about the vacation you plan to take, you will get plenty of feedback in regard with holiday destinations. Keep in mind a destination that has been fun for your friend or relative may not have the same impact on you.

Once you have made up your mind to go on a vacation, you have two options. You either opt to reach the travel destination on your own or you seek the services of a tour operator to see various places you want to visit on holiday. Of the two options the easier way to save money is by availing of a package tour. If you are going to a tourist destination you have never been to, it’s wise to opt for a package tour instead of venturing on your own. When you go to a vacation on your own, you need to look into every detail of the vacation. When you plan your vacation you save money and make room for time schedules.

When you opt for a package tour, every minor aspect is covered in the package. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, complimentary meals at restaurants, and sightseeing schedules at your destination, it’s all taken care by the tour operator. Bundle vacation packages are designed to serve varied needs and requirements of customers. Furthermore, bundle vacation packages reduce overall costs and help you work in accordance with your vacation budget.

How to Plan your Vacation and Save money

1. Travel Season Vs Off Season deals

The cost of your vacation varies in accordance with the time of year you choose to go on vacation. Vacation packages to destinations during the season are expensive. The months from September to March are peak months, and vacation packages to various destinations during these months are expensive. During the months from April to August a number of tour operators slash costs on vacation packages to attract customers during the off season. Ultimately it’s your choice… you’ve got to decide what time of the year is the best for you to go on vacation. The best time to avail of discounts on package tours is the months from April to August.

2. Start Saving

You need to start saving if you want to go on a long vacation. A vacation, long or short is expensive. You can save a significant amount of money by cutting down on unwanted expenses. Stop being an impulse shopper. When you go shopping do not succumb to impulse buying. Research reveals individuals tend to waste money on impulse buying. You will save a lot of money when you put a curb on impulse shopping. Furthermore, if you eat out daily it would be a wise move to cook at home. You will be surprised by the large amount of money saved every month when you stop eating out and opt for home cooked food.

The Quiet Beach Life
The Quiet Beach Life | Source

3. Plan your vacation budget

Not everybody in this world has the liberty to spend lavishly on a vacation. For majority of working individuals, a vacation needs to be planned in accordance with a budget. When you have a fixed budget for a vacation, the way ahead becomes easy. You know exactly what to look up when you have a fixed budget for a vacation. Information about destinations, hotels, and restaurants you look up will be in accordance with the budget you have allocated for your vacation. With an allocated budget you get a clear perspective on what’s within your reach.

4. Length of your Vacation

You need to decide the length of your vacation. The length of you trip depends on the number of days you have for a trip and most importantly the amount of money you have saved up. Costs of short duration and long duration vacation packages vary in accordance with the destination. For instance a week-long vacation to Thailand will cost you much less than a week-long vacation to Paris. Plan the length of your stay in accordance with your budget.

It's Time To Relax
It's Time To Relax | Source

5. Look up The internet

Do look up the internet for various destinations. You will be surprised by the travel information you find on social networks and forums. Many individuals write reviews of places and resorts on Travel websites and their blogs. Reading first had accounts of travelers and vacationers gives you a clear perspective on places you would like to visit. The internet has a lot of information. However, do not consider everything you read on the as the gospel truth. Be wise in ascertaining information from trusted travel websites. Keep in mind good research on destinations saves a lot of money and time.

6. Weigh your options and pick a destination

When you are done researching various destinations and have shortlisted destinations for your vacation, weigh your options. Pick a destination you feel will be loads of fun for you. You have to go with your gut feeling about a destination you haven’t visited. When it comes to taking a decision in regard with destinations, it’s your heart and mind that want to have their say. Go with where your heart wants to be, the reason being that’s the place your mind will be willing. When you take a decision about heading to a particular destination, stick with your decision. You may receive mixed feedback in regard with the destination you have chosen, however do not let negative feedback dissuade you from getting to the destination of your choice.

Pack Your Bags and Get There!
Pack Your Bags and Get There! | Source

7. Compare costs of tour operators and package tours

Once you have finalized the destination for your vacation you need to compare costs among tour operator’s offering package tours to various destinations. Every tour operator will be willing to offer a vacation package to the destination of your choice. Compare costs among tour operators and pick a vacation package that suits your requirements best. Make sure you ask questions to clear all doubts. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved in vacation packages. Tour operators will try and convince you about vacation packages that offer them a high profit margin. Pick a vacation package that offers you the best in terms feasibility.

8. Avail of bundle vacation packages

Many tour operators offer bundle vacation packages in accordance with needs and requirements of customers. The advantage of a bundle package is it offers a range of amenities and activities under one roof. If you avail of certain activities individually they can be very expensive. For instance, if you want to scuba dive, white water raft, parasail, and parachute, each of these adventure activities will be expensive if availed individually. However, when you club these activities in a bundle package, you save a lot of money as costs in offers.

Adventure vacations are fun
Adventure vacations are fun | Source

9. Make sure you have travel insurance

Not many individuals give a great deal of importance to travel insurance. However, you cannot predict the future. You can avail of a basic travel insurance plan that covers you from different scenarios. Furthermore, travel insurance plans are not very expensive and can be availed in accordance with the number of days you go on holiday. Many tour operators offer travel insurance with their vacation packages at a higher price, so it’s wise to buy travel insurance separately.

10. Opt for a Prepaid Travel Card

Depending on the length of your stay you can opt for prepaid travel cards. You can be avail of prepaid cards in accordance with the destination. When you are traveling to various destinations, it’s wise to carry a prepaid travel card instead of cash. It is not safe to carry lot of cash when you are on vacation. A prepaid travel card ensures you can move around to different places without carrying cash. Depending on the issuing authority, a prepaid travel card can be used in different parts of the world.

Travel light to a holiday destination
Travel light to a holiday destination | Source


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