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What if...(Part III) 10 Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

Updated on August 30, 2009

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

It's free to dream. That's why in my 3rd hub for the Hubchallenge and my 20th hub all in all, I decided to feature the 10 places that I would really like to visit before I die.

Nope, I am not dying (plan to live to a 100, if I can). But I thought that it would be nice to set a certain deadline for myself. These places are actually cities located around the world (excluding the cities in my country which I featured in my other hub - My Top 10 Preferred Cities in the Philippines) that I would love to visit and here they are (in no particular order):

Athens, Greece

No, I did not choose this place because I am a fan of a very good writer here in Hubpages who live in Greece right now, but because I'd really love to go to this place. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with Greek history and mythology. What better way to live out my fascination for these subjects than going to Athens. I would love to see up close and personal the Parthenon (the temple of Athena) and the Temple of Hephaestus. It will be quite interesting to see how the rich history of this place was combined with the modern city that is now Athens.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is one of the preferred cities to go to for a lot of overseas working Filipinos. Its dynamic business environment and the great quality of life found in this place are attractions to a lot of people from different cultures. I would love to see the sights and sounds of this city, especially the Sydney Opera House, the Olympic Park and the famous Taronga Zoo. Would be fun also to visit my friends who are already living and working in this great city.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a mixture of traditions and the modern aspects of life. It is very easy to go to this country, you just need a valid passport recognized by the Malaysian government and you're in. I would like to see the Petronas Twin Towers, the very tall KL Tower, the beautiful mosques, and the Chinatown.


There was really a time when I thought that I would go and work in Singapore. Now, my thought is no longer to work there, but to go there as a tourist. This country is so small (the smallest here in Southeast Asia) that I know I can go around this place in a few days or so. With its beautiful sights, modern facilities, and the general cleanliness and discipline found in this city-state, I know that visiting Singapore will really be an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me.

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of one of the biggest economy in the world, Tokyo is a highly-urbanized city featuring almost all of the modern amenities in life. I have always wanted to ride in one of its very fast trains (Tokyo has the most extensive railway network in the world), see Mt. Fuji, visit its national parks, go island-hopping and see cherry blossom flowers. Would also love to eat sashimi and sushi (my two most favorite food) in a real honest-to-goodness Japanese restaurant. Just don't make me use chopsticks, I can never get the hang of using those things.

Hong Kong, China

I know, I know, there are a lot of Filipinos who go in and out of Hong Kong, China. Unfortunately, until now, I am still not one of those people. But as one of the premier destination of shopping (at least for us), Hong Kong is one of my most preferred cities to visit. Other than the fact that I have some friends living and working in that city (and whom I would really like to see), I would also like to have the chance to visit Disneyland, Hong Kong and see the various sights and sounds of this beautiful park. Seeing the sights while walking around this city will also be part of my dream itinerary if and when I can go to this place.

New York City, USA

The Big Apple itself and one of the financial centers of the US (and the world), I would just love to visit this place and live out my fantasy to become like the Sex and the City Girls (on second thought, I can't even hold a candle to any of those four sexy, vibrant women. Oh well, scrap that idea, I'll just see the place). I would like to see its tall buildings (skyscrapers), its beautiful world-class hotels, walk along its busy streets and, of course, see the Statue of Liberty.

London, England

London is a city with a rich historical past. It is one of the most influential cities in history and is now one of the business districts of the world (aside from New York). Its rich cultural past makes it a very interesting place for me. There's the Tower of London, the House of Parliament, the Tower (London) Bridge, the Westminster Abbey and the University of London. I'd like to go there when there's a tennis tournament so that I can watch the Wimbledon championships live.

Rome, Italy

A city with a very rich history and culture, Rome is one of the founders of the western civilization. It is a center of art and religion, not only in Italy, but also in the world. Some places I would like to see - the Colosseum, the Arch of Constatine, St. Peter's Basilica, and of course, the Vatican.

Jerusalem, Israel

As a Roman Catholic, Jerusalem, Israel holds a special place in our religion. Thus, this is one of my most desired places to visit. I would love to go on a pilgrimage to this place. Barring that, I would also like to go to this place as a tourist and see, among others, the places I have only read in the history books and the Bible. The Tower of David, Mount Olives, the Dome of the Rock, the Temple, the various churches and mosques and the Shrine of the Book - these are only some of the places I want to see when I go to Jerusalem.

That's it. So how much do I need to go to all of these places? I don't know, maybe like $1 million? Not bloody likely (spoken with a British accent, of course). Since this amount is virtually unreachable (in this lifetime), I would just dream about these places, visit their websites and generally, just write about them.

So how about you? Which places would you like to go to?

Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon on top (
Acropolis of Athens with the Parthenon on top (
Sydney Opera House (left side) (
Sydney Opera House (left side) (
Kuala Lumpur skyline at night (
Kuala Lumpur skyline at night (
Images of Singapore (
Images of Singapore (
Panoramic view of Shinjuku and Mt. Fuji (,_Japan)
Panoramic view of Shinjuku and Mt. Fuji (,_Japan)
One of my most loved Disney characters - Stitch (from the Lilo & Stitch animated movie / series)
One of my most loved Disney characters - Stitch (from the Lilo & Stitch animated movie / series)
The Statue of Liberty (
The Statue of Liberty (
The Tower Bridge (left) and the Tower of London (right) (
The Tower Bridge (left) and the Tower of London (right) (
The Colosseum (,_Italy)
The Colosseum (,_Italy)
A view of Jerusalem (
A view of Jerusalem (

Which among the above places would you like to visit?

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    • Steve LePoidevin profile image

      Steve LePoidevin 

      7 years ago from Thailand

      Well, I've been to five of them and they are all great choices. Don't forget about the Rocky Mountains in Canada (not that I am a biased Canadian or anything). Since I have moved to China, I have had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful Asian locations. Almost got to the Philippines last year.

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 

      8 years ago from Southern California

      Oh my goodness emievil, you've named some of the same places that I'd like to visit also. I won't say which, but I too would like to visit so many places before I die. Anyway this is a very good hub, and the photos were also very impressive. Thanks for taking the time to write such an inspiring hub.

    • emievil profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks Sufidreamer. Gosh, Greece is still a long way to go. Don't even know if I can really go there. But hey it's nice to know I'll have someone to call to when I get there. Thanks for the offer!

    • Sufidreamer profile image


      9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      Wonderful Hub, as always, emievil :)

      There are some wonderful places on your list - Rome is beautiful, although it is a long time since I visited. Make sure that you get in touch when you visit Greece - it would be nice to sit, talk and drink Ouzo whilst the sun sets behind the Acropolis.

    • emievil profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Ron, I forgot about Berlin and New Delhi. I will really have to make a part 2 of this hub (unless somebody else beats me to it).

      I was in California, USA for three months in 2004. I wanted to visit New York but couldn't afford to go there. That was one of my biggest regret. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

    • Ron Mariano profile image

      Ron Mariano 

      9 years ago

      It is indeed free to dream and you've dreamt of going to the best places in the world. I will soon relocate to New York City, and I've actually been there. I'm sure there are many New Yorkers at HubPages, and they know all the reasons why they are so proud of their city.

      Yes, don't miss Paris, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, New Delhi, oh wow.. So many places. I hope you get the opportunity to visit those places especially Jerusalem.

      Great Hub!

    • emievil profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      rb11 thanks for the comment. The reality does not do justice to the pictures in the Internet then? that's something.

      nj2k9_8, thanks for recommending New Zealand. I may have to do a part 2 of this hub. I already have Barcelona / Madrid, Spain, Bangkok, Paris, Laos and now New Zealand.

    • nj2k9_8 profile image


      9 years ago from Minnesota

      Sydney is beautiful, but I would highly recommend traveling to New Zealand as well. A lot of people think of the two countries as being very similar, but they are so different. The wildlife alone is completely different.

    • rb11 profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      You have chosen some exciting places, fortunately the Internet can at least give you a virtual tour of some of the places you wish to go without the expense. I found that after going to Italy it would have almost been better to stay at home and dream off the pictures instead of being there in person.


    • emievil profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philippines

      Fishmox, Shalini and Dohn, thanks for the comments. I actually want to include Barcelona / Madrid, Spain, Bangkok, Paris and the other cities, unfortunately, I have to choose only 10 =). If I have my way, I will go to all the places on Earth before I die =).

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Sadly, Luang Prabang, Laos did not make it to your Top Ten, Emievil:( But I'm going to try to change your mind as that is one of my 30/30 hub ideas! Paris is definitely is on my top ten too, Shalini. If you ever make it to the Big Apple, I'll pick you up at JFK! Let me know!

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 

      9 years ago from India

      Wonderful places - all of them. Try not to miss Bangkok and Paris :)

    • fishmox profile image


      9 years ago from where my laptop sits, that be where I am

      you beat me to it, lady, naughty naughty you.


      anyway, go for it.

      three of those places you mentioned- Malaysia, Hongkong, Japan, and I think Singapore, too- don't need visas for a certain number of day's visit.

      I would like to be able to visit, and stay for awhile, Spain.

      That is where my grandparents were born, raised, and bred, and my father and two uncles.

      Then they migrated to the Philippines, and I was born there.

      I would like to be able to connect to our relations over there, as I understand it, they are in Barcelona, although my grandparents were Catalans (I am told).

      If not, then just visit and watch the corridas (which I will probably hate, but who knows ?), and go around the countrysides which I am told are very scenic.

      Then I would like to go and cross over to France by car, over the Pyrennes, then all the way to Britain just to watch the changing of the guards.

      Then, my body can shut down.

      I pray God grants these wishes.


    • profile image

      Sharing Insight 

      9 years ago

      Great Hub!! I highly do recommend New York...I've been there repeatedly especially when I was in my 20's...just as you imagine it, lots to do, brilliant people you encounter even while on a crosswalk! Central park(there's about 500millionthings to do in there alone and its beautiful)Art galleries, restaurants...and just walking down 5th ave is enchanting...

      I too have London on my list before I die...I do hope you make it to all of these and ENJOY!

      thanks for the great visuals too!


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