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10 Pocket-friendly American Cities You Could Never Have Imagined

Updated on November 2, 2017
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Andy is a travel blogger at Holiday Desire. His favorite trips require an unhealthy backpacking addiction.

"New Orleans is an amazing place to visit and live," said one proud American resident. With incredible food, famous festivals, climate and colour the city is phenomenal.

From Norfolk to Honolulu and Boston, American cities feature some of the world's most thriving hubs, culture, music and impeccable cuisine.

When the survey was taken for American cities to be ranked, the names got everyone's jaw dropped. The list included spectacular escapes such as North Carolina, Asheville, San Antonio and much more.

North Carolina is a booming city with so much to see and do. Several visitors noticed that the food and drink were quite thriving. The flourishing beer scene is beyond comparison.

So, which are the top cities in the United States? We have listed out the top ten and you'll be surprised to know that your favourites might stand out as the best holiday destinations in the US.

Charleston, South Carolina

It's rare and has got it all. Charleston lives up to its name and hype. History lovers would love walking down the historic hub and marvel at the 17th and 18th-century homes. Foodies will surely have a treat the entire day at several burger and cocktail joints.

Norfolk, Virginia

This amazing city keeps hoping from the first and the second position. In 2016, this Virginian town was America's favourite. The overall attractions, cleanliness lured visitors to this town, who in return tagged Norfolk as friendly, smart and arresting.

New Orleans, Louisiana

With excess history, beauty, food and festivals, New Orleans are stunning. The locals know how to make visitors feel at home. There are a few famous spots for parties, festivals, drinking, dancing and dining.

Buffalo, New York

Hey, all you pizza and ice cream lovers, Buffalo has introduced some really good stuff. Apart from the lucrative food items, Buffalo is known for its lush areas and astounding architecture. No wonder, your New York Breaks will be so very reminiscing.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

With a lonesome uniqueness, art scene, illustrious homes, Santa Fe bags the #1 spot for being an idiosyncratic American city this year. This Mexican city may have a less feel but that should not keep you off from exploring it.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco needs no introduction. Lush parks, stylish neighbourhoods, street art and coffee are just elements of pride. Once you scratch the surface, there's no end to the attractions. Truly, there is no place like San Francisco. First-timers will be astonished by its culture, diversity, marvellous weather, adventure, class and style.

Chicago, Illinois

You talk to any Chicagoan, they'll admit that even they haven't explored and experienced many things Chicago offers. What was once a city ruled by gangsters, is an incredible destination for sports fans and die-hard food lovers.

Maui, Hawaii

It may not be big, bustling or serene, but for several holidaymakers, Maui is the perfect getaway. It offers a taste of everything - from enchanting wildlife, culture to interesting history, the Aloha State beauty has untold secrets up its sleeves. The beaches are the main attraction apart from the city giftings. Enjoy snorkelling, shoreline fairs, golfing, learn hula dancing and spot sea turtles.

Washington, D.C.

With marble structures and political atmosphere, Washington, D.C. is all geared up for being a staunch governmental scaffold. John F. Kennedy once said that Washington DC is mostly considered as a bored and incompetent city.

But at present, the American capital city is transforming itself into an entertainment destination brimming with a new energy. Want to know the best thing about DC? With low-cost holidays to the USA, there are several things you can do for free. Explore renowned museums, restaurants, clubs, cafes and more.

Honolulu, Oahu

Honolulu blends jaw-dropping scenery with modern luxury, showcasing the cosmopolitan appeal. Close at hand, you'll be able to explore a host of historical and cultural sites. The Waikiki District boasts of impressive hotels, resorts, towering buildings and white-sand beaches.

To drown in the natural Hawaiian setup, visit the North Shore. Enjoy azure waters, hiking activities and a nightlife like none other.


From gigantic cities to shorelines, the United States is conjured up of several cities. It's hard to choose the best place that deserves a standing ovation. There are several factors, attractions, dining options and hotels that determine which destinations are among best holiday destinations that can be voted as the best city in the USA.

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