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10 Reasons Why It's Great to Be From Delaware

Updated on September 3, 2009
  1. We're a close knit group of people.  If you're even remotely active in anything in high school chances are you know pretty much EVERYONE in the state through one or two other active people.  If you attended UD you're guaranteed to be well-connected throughout the state.  Pretty nuts, being from DE is like 6 Degrees of Separation on 'roids.
  2. It's easy to take tax-free shopping for granted, and then you move away and realize how awesome it is.  Yeah, property tax is bananas in Delaware, but since I never owned property in the first state, I think I got a pretty sweet deal.
  3. In Delaware you can get to the beach from most areas in the state in well under two hours.  That's pretty rad.  Heading back to reason number one for a sec, if you want to stay at the aforementioned Delaware beaches, chances are great you know someone who has a place to crash or at least some floor space in a closet for your sleeping bag.  
  4. When learning about state history in fourth grade, there are only 3 counties to memorize.  Kent, Sussex, and New Castle.  Easy. 
  5. We call ourselves the first state, as if we were pioneers and all super gung-ho about ratifying the constitution first, turns out we happened to be geographically the most convenient, but eh, it does look quite nice on a license plate.  So rock on Delaware.
  6. On a more serious note, AI Children's Hospital is an absolutely wonderful facility and we are quite lucky to have such a fantastic resource for sick children and their families.
  7. Dover AFB is pretty cool and C5's are a very familiar sights in the skies over Kent County and beyond.  If you ever get a chance to see one take off it's pretty amazing. And loud.  And maybe a little scary.
  8. University of Delaware is a fantastic school and really, really, crazy expensive for out-of-staters.  Delaware kids, who are college bound, are very fortunate to have such a great university available and get to cash in on in-state status.
  9. Minus the whole lots of cancer stuff, Delaware is a pretty safe state to live in for the most part.  There is crime everywhere, and you can find trouble if you look for it, and Delaware is no exception, but overall it is pretty tame and scary areas are relatively confined.  It's pretty clear which neighborhoods are no joke.
  10. We've got geography on our side.  Delaware is near Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and DC.  As a Delaware resident, you're able to hit the high notes of major east coast urban centers without having to live in them.  Until you're able to drive though, growing up in DE forces you to come up with pretty creative and bizarre ways to have fun.  There's not a whole lot going on in Delaware at any given time, and in a way that's kind of nice.  


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      it's great for you to say that because most people say that the Lord is really bad so I like how you

    • mrpip profile image


      6 years ago

      Great hub on Delaware!!! Thanks for writing. I have to admit though, I'm alittle biased. Check out my hub on why Delaware was a great place to grow up. I think your item number 1 is the reason Delaware is so great!!


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