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10 Things That Are Always Packed in My Bag

Updated on October 31, 2017
Jorgie Irby profile image

I am 24 years old, currently a regional flight attendant based in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona! Living AND loving my life!!

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When packing for work or vacation, I usually always over pack. My motto is always "its better to have it and not need it, then not have it and need it". Packing can be really stressful because you never want to forget things you use everyday. It's hard to not forget things, but if you forget things that you already have at home then you have to go to the store and spend extra money on things you already have at home.

I usually forget something I always want to bring when it comes to clothing, but this is a list of 10 things that no matter what I never ever forget!


I think it’s important to always have snacks in my bag because being a flight attendant; sometimes we don’t always get a chance to get off the airplane to grab food between flights. And even if you aren’t a flight attendant, what happens when you get hungry but there’s no good food around? Plus who wants to spend money on over priced gross airport food if they don’t have to? Am I right or am I right?


I like to always have my headphones with me because a lot of airlines have some type of free entertainment on their app or website. So when I have a long flight as a passenger (usually going back and forth between DC and Phx), I like to watch some of the newest movies that come out. I actually always carry 2 pairs of headphones just in case one breaks. They're also nice to have when a little baby on your plane is not a happy camper..

Phone Charger/Portable Charger

I always make sure I have my phone charger with me or even a portable charger because that thing will save your life! Some airplanes have plugs that you can charge things in but not all of them, so don't count on it! Make sure you’re prepared because there’s nothing worse than having your phone die on you and you cant find or don’t have enough time to sit and charge it.

Body Wash and Lotion

The reason I always make sure I have body wash and lotion is because I am so picky when going to hotels. Having to use those lame “massage bars” that make your skin feel all yucky is like my biggest pet peeve. Plus some nights I have to spend in the airport (because flying standby will do that to you), it’s always nice to be able to wash my face off in the morning.

A Pen

This is actually a required item the flight attendant have to have for my company. And its actually a really good thing to always carry with you because you never know if you’re going to get a phone call and need to take a note, buy a book of crossword puzzles at the airport, or hey, you might even see someone famous that you need a signature from.

LOTS of Tights

Being a flight attendant, this is a part of our uniform. And if any of you have ever worn a pair of tights, you know that 10 times out of 10, they will rip at the worst time and you will be left with a big ugly run all the way up your leg. No fun! I always always have lots and lots of tights in my bag.

Bathing Suit

NEVER leave without a bathing suit. They don’t take up much room in your bags so never leave it behind because you just never know. Even if you’re in a cold place, you might get to a hotel that has a jacuzzi or it might be a surprisingly beautiful day outside for you to lay by the pool.

Jeans and A Jacket

Just like the bathing suit, the same thing goes for jackets and jeans. You never know how things will be or what you’ll be doing once you get to an overnight and if you aren’t able to leave the hotel room because its 50 degrees out and all you have is shorts, you’ll probably be real mad at yourself.


I love Q-tips because you can use them for everything! For some reason hotels usually don’t have any Q-tips and I always end up having to use them to fix my eyeliner while I’m trying to do my make up at like 3AM, so they come in handy.

A Watch

A watch is another required item that is needed for my job as a flight attendant. I usually wear a watch everyday unless I'm just having a lazy day at home. I love being able to just check out the time on my wrist instead of having to dig my phone out of my messy purse. And I actually have an apple watch, which is so incredible for traveling because you are able to set the time for all the places you go to without having to change it or calculate time change in your head.

This is SO me...always over packing
This is SO me...always over packing

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    • profile image


      14 months ago

      Love this article Jorgie, helpful and funny..


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