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10 Travel Apps So That You Don't Miss Good Food And Happening Spots While On Your Vacation

Updated on February 19, 2017

Travel Apps

No matter where we travel and how many times a year we travel. We always want to have good things to remember from our vacation. Good Food and Interesting places we visit always form fond memories from our traveling.

In Today's Digital world, market places are flooded with Apps, you name it and they have it. So many options can always be overwhelming and take up our lots of time to figure out what exactly do we need for ourselves. Selecting the best possible apps can be a task in itself. So after days and weeks of going through different travel apps studying there features, travel blogs, travel forums and lots of other resources here are the selected final few which have the ability to add some spice in our travel plans.

Never feel deserted again or miss something cool to experience when you visit a completely new city, have the latest, tried and tested information of cool stuff around you anywhere in the world at your fingertips so that you can make most out of your holiday and make great memories.

Great Little Place

We all wish we knew the hidden cool stuff from new places we visit. Somebody tell us where real food and fun is, well we don't need somebody anymore. Here is this cute little app compatible with all mobile platforms ( iOS, Windows, Android ) that reveal true hidden places at any location and that too for free. By downloading this app we not only have access to great hidden places within a location, we too can contribute and share any cool place that we know with other people. Now every magical place or hotspot information is at your disposal. What else can we ask for.


Don't Know what to do Today ? or want to add some zing to any boring day that comes across. In such a scenario YPlan App comes to your rescue. With Yplan App get the latest updates on whats hot and happening around you and that doesn't ends here. You also get to book tickets for the latest events around without even stepping out. How cool is that. You can secure yourself last minute event seats, discounted tickets, free drinks upon arrival, wavered booking fees and other promotions. Get the ball rolling in your own city or a travel visit.

Event Seeker

Eventseeker claims to be your personalized event service with a focus on minimizing search and maximizing discovery. This Travel App has got hell lot of features to play with, you receive notifications for newly announced events, also get recommendations on similar artists and events based on your interests. Watch videos, read bios and find complete schedules for bands, sports teams, comedians and more. With social media integration event seeker also allows to share events and invite friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. Get to know events in cities worldwide such as Festivals, Theater, Sports, Concerts, Nightlife and more Plus purchase tickets instantly.

Four Square

Discover the best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any city worldwide. Excellent when traveling to completely new locations. You can also fill in your interests to get customized results for the best restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops, and more. Read short reviews and never miss out on the best thing to experience. You can also save places you want to go, so you never forget.

Food Spotting

Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. There are lot of apps down there who recommend good restaurants, cafes and stuff like that. This ones different, it works for dishes in particular than for restaurants. It specifically recommends dishes by foodspotters, friends and experts with pictures and places where you can find that particular dish. Users can also ask questions like: Where can I find the best, What’s good here? You can also check what’s good at any restaurant and recommend your favorite dishes by uploading a photo or tapping “Loved it!”. Food Heaven we call it.


We have got enough to find good restaurants and great dishes, now lets head on to what locals have to say about their city. More than anything else wouldn't it be best if someone that lives in place you're visiting tells you about best stuff and tips for best experiences. Nothing beats hearing it straight from a local, and that's exactly what this app does. It focuses on local experiences in destinations, recommended by people living in that city. Save favorites and make to-go lists, and check out the places your friends love too. Play the Localeur for city you live in too!

Localeur claims to gives you locals-only insight on the best places to eat, drink and play. With more than 5,000 of the country’s best bars, restaurants, shops, and places featured on Localeur, Localeur gives you a much more authentic, credible array of recommendations than anything you’ll find on cluttered, anonymous review sites.

Food Tripping

After Great food comes Healthy food. An App that helps you find healthy food options WOW !!. Food Tripping locates the closest eateries, juice joints, farmers’ markets, microbreweries, and more. This GPS-based app, shows you great options and puts the good stuff at your fingertips. With a growing database of eateries, Food Tripping makes it simple to find healthier and more thoughtful food while you’re on the road, or at home looking for inspiration. Helping conscious consumers find better options.You can suggest your discovery of a healthy food joint as well as share it with friends.


Don't waste your precious time searching good stuff over the internet, let this magical app work for you instead. Gogobot helps you discover the best events, restaurants, attractions and hotels, near you or far away in no time. It allows you to book hotels as well as get the best prices. Create postcards and share with friends. Besides featuring member reviews to help you decide which places you would like, it also offers suggestions based on weather, time of the day and your personel interests.


Field Trip App is your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things around you. While traveling when ever you get close to something interesting, it pops up a card with details about the location. No click is required. Get access to information regarding latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun. Equip your phone with this cool app for your travel or commute. Live like a local when you travel to new places. Eat and shop off the beaten path.


This one is a blessing for outdoor adventure travelers. Yonder helps you discover treasured outdoor experiences, finding "off the beaten" path places for outdoors adventure has never been this easier. You also get to share your great outdoor experiences with other people. Yonder has two main functions -- a profile section that allows you to add outdoor "experiences" for others to see. The other one is the exploration part that allows you to view other people's experiences using GPS and a map to help pinpoint nearby shared content, adding it to a list, favoriting it, navigating to it, commenting and more. You also can follow other Yonder users and see where they are exploring.

Any suggestions for adding to this list are welcome. Please leave comments for any other Apps you know that can make it to this list or any experience you would like to share.


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