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10 interesting facts about Poland

Updated on January 17, 2013

Poland is a very interesting country. It's not perfect nor most beautiful but for sure it's worth visiting. Below are listed more or less known facts about Poland which you might find interesting.

Polar bears

Couple of years ago I heard from some Dutch teenager that there are wild polar bears in Poland ;) That's not true - you can find them only in the ZOO.


Since year 1600 till 1945 Poland has been invaded or fought for freedom in insurrections 43 times.


In Poland 50% of kids achive academic degree, 90% complete at least secondary education.


Deadly amount of alcohol in blood is 0,4% (vol) (4 permilles). This limit doesn't apply to Poles and Russians. The record of Poland belongs to 33 y.o. man who had 15,9 permilles of alcohol in his blood - he died. The other record belongs to a man who also died but not because of amount of alcohol but because of injuries from car accident he caused - he had 14,8 permilles.


World media often place Poland in Eastern Europe although in fact it's placed in almost exact center of the Europe.


Military and LE salutes with only two fingers. When abroad they often have troubles because western soldiers think they are making fun of them. This problem was present even during WWII - in UK group of Polish soldiers was arrested and accused of public disrespect toward British officer for saluting with two fingers. Since then when abroad Polish soldiers often salute with a full hand.


Polish food is great. Once you try it you most probably will love it. Most famous dish - bigos - is cooked for 3 days. Each family has it's own recipe for it and in each family it tastes different.


Population of Poland is 39 mln. Another 15 mln live abroad.


In Poland lives wild animal similar to american bison. It's called "żubr". This species was almost extict - whole world population of 3000 żubr's comes from 12 specimens.


When you enter the elevator and you want to go to 2nd floor you have to press button with number 1. In Poland 1st floor is treated as floor 0 and is called "parter".


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    • profile image

      Kris from Poland 4 years ago

      Please update info about population, there are in Poland 37 mln people, 2 mln just have left to UK :)

      about bigos: yes it is true, bigos is cooked for 3 days but not still, every day around 2-4 hours, if you visit us you can order in restaurant "pierogi" special polish dish, very good

      author forgot to write that polish girls are very nice and beautifull :)

    • profile image

      Dr Arslan 4 years ago

      i want visit poland

    • profile image

      Sarah 5 years ago

      Thanks! Helped alot with my school project. Keep up the good work, what scratch that keep up the AWESOMELY AMAZING work!!!!!

    • Monis Mas profile image

      Aga 5 years ago

      Very interesting! And truthful! Poland is a beautiful country, worth to visit: they have high mountains, a gorgeous sea with white beaches, wonderful lakes and many historic sites. A lot to see, a lot to do!

    • profile image

      nilima 5 years ago

      thnx alot i hope u can improve it better because its really being handy for my school EU project.... thnx thnx alotttttt

    • profile image

      maddie 5 years ago

      thank you soooooo much i needed this stuff so bad and i couldnt find it anywhere my huge report is due tommroow and you saved me!!!! bless your soul

    • profile image

      elizabeth 5 years ago

      i didnt really get anything there but it still helped me with my school project thanx

    • profile image

      Ric Rupnik 5 years ago

      where can i get a recipe for koprzywie?ski bread from Poland? My grandfather lived in eastern Poland long ago

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 5 years ago from Poland

      You're welcome :) I'm glad I could help.

    • profile image

      none of ur buissness 5 years ago

      Thanks! it really helped for my school prodject! Thanks again!

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 5 years ago from Poland

      Corrected :)

    • profile image

      Robert Hubbard 5 years ago

      you spelled insurrection wrong it's supposed to have two r's

    • profile image

      dylan 6 years ago

      very intresting thank you makers of this website