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6 Great Reasons Why I Love Botswana

Updated on June 5, 2019

Botswana is a beautiful landlocked country that lies in the southern part of Africa, a former British protectorate that got her independence 53 years ago. There are many intriguing qualities about her. This country is one of the best countries in Africa if not the whole world as far as peace, security, tourism, education, democracy and Botho are concerned. Botswana should be one country that some must learn from despite the fact that it’s in a middle class economy classification. Many who have come here before know exactly what I mean, the nationals know better. The other fascinating thing about Botswana is the rate at which she is growing compared to other African countries who got their freedom the same time as her. With just a population of 2.29 million her GDP per ca-pita reached a whopping $7595.00 by 2017 and that’s in Pula, Botswana currency, P75 950. Enough to send a child to a nursing school.


This is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa coming at number two after the harmless Mauritius and twenty ninth globally. This is a great achievement because other giants could not even make it to top 30. A source reveals this.






New Zealand










Czech Republic













































Walking in a mall in Botswana is as safe a walking in your own house. We have never gone for war with anyone. We resolve our issues in a more decent and mature way. We admit to have our own challenges but peace has always been our utmost value.


Botswana Police Service is number one in the whole of Africa. We boast to have a highly disciplined and well trained police force. Security in Botswana is well guaranteed. Look at this amazing fact.

“The 2016 World Internal Security and Police Index ranks Botswana's police force as the best, followed by Rwanda and Algeria. Nigeria’s police force is the worst, just below Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Uganda to make up the bottom four.”

A source reveals again!


In terms of tourism, we have best tourism destinations that many long to be. This sector is highly regarded and well respected in Botswana. Responsible ministers are elected to make sure the self-set internal standards are well met. The Okavango delta, rock paintings, Kalahari Desert and the wildlife are the few I will post here. Botswana has more elephants in the whole world will a population of 130 000 of these dinosaur remnants. Recently Botswana donated Mozambique 500 of these enormous beasts.


Copper, Nickel, soda ash and coal area some of the minerals found in Botswana. In this article I will cite out two main ones, diamonds and beef. Jwaneng diamond mine is by far the richest diamond mine in the whole world and just this year the rarest and most sought after blue diamond was found in Botswana as the largest of its kind. That is why this happened….

“Set on a yellow gold band, the centre stone of the ring is from Botswana, where Prince Harry travelled to while growing up…”

Beef has also been Botswana’s greatest export with countries as far as the European Union reached with 9000 tons of beef, 10000 tons to South Africa. Enough said.


Botswana’s education system is flexible, students are offered free education for 12 years. That’s from primary (which takes seven years) then three years of junior level and lastly two years of senior level education (GCSE). When one completes his senior level, a minimum of 36 points is required for a free tertiary level education which has a reasonable stipend of P1600 living allowance. It boasts to have two of the world recognised Universities, University of Botswana and Botswana International University of Science and Technology. It ranks number 12 in Africa’s most literate states.


In terms of democracy, Botswana is undeniably one of the best democracies in Africa. Change of power has never been a problem. It got its independence in 1966 and had its first president Sir Seretse Khama, after his passing, Sir Ketumile Masire who passed the baton to Festus Mogae, then Dr Ian Khama, the son of the first president. We now have our sitting president Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi. All these passing of power were done with utmost decency and peace courtesy of good governance. Research proves Botswana to be the third best in Africa.

Country and Global Rank

1 Mauritius 16

2 Cabo Verde 23

3 Botswana 28

4 South Africa 41

5 Ghana 52

6 Lesotho 56

7 Tunisia 69

8 Namibia 71

9 Senegal 74

10 Zambia 85


Botswana has a powerful etiquette that strongly bonds her people. Botho, as it’s named in Setswana, is a virtue that is highly regarded. It means respect. This is well taught and absorbed by young Batswana to grow as responsible and well-mannered adults. It is Botswana’s supporting pillar, a code of conduct that involves helpfulness and recognition of authority as far as age is concerned. The term is derived from the word ‘motho’ meaning ‘person’ and so it means one has to have a sense of respect treating others as he would expect them to treat him. Botswana’s upheld principles are self-reliance, Democracy, Development and Botho.

I am a Motswana and I am proud of it. If you want to learn more about this amazing country, the internet has more for you. They may not be 10000 but these are my best among the many.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2019 Desmond Goitsemang


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