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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Maryland

Updated on March 28, 2012

1. The very first Naval Academy was founded on the coast of Maryland. It was commissioned on October 10 1845.

2. The first railroad company in the united states started their company in Baltimore Maryland

3. The first call to freedom from British rule was sounded out at a famous tavern. Hungfords Tavern.

4. The first cathedral ever build in the United States was the Basilica of the assumption in Baltimore. It was built to be the first representation of the Roman Catholic diocese.

5. The first public school opened in Maryland in 1650. It was the king Williams’s school

6. Maryland was very health conscious during the settlement times. They knew the need for people to take care of their teeth. So, they decided to open the first dentistry school in the United states at the university of Maryland

7. Babe Ruth was born in the state of Maryland, he went on to become one of America’s greatest baseball players.

8. Skipjacks are Americas only commercial sailing fleet and is located out of tilghman island Maryland.

9. Sir Francis Scott was the writer of our national anthem. He was a Maryland lawyer, and it is believed that he wrote it on the faithful day of September 14, 1814 while watching the bombardment of fort hennery in the Baltimore harbor.

10. For the last 70 years, the American flag has continuously flown over the monument dedicated to Sir Francis Scott key. It is mandated by congress that the flag never stop flying in that location.

11. Baltimore is home to the United States national aquarium. The largest aquarium of fresh and salt water life in the world.

12. The Sir Francis Scott Bridge in Maryland is over 1200 ft long. It is the second largest truss bridge in the United States.

13. Maryland capital is famous for its sailing ships. Annapolis is also considered the world’s sailing capitol.

14. Maryland has lots of little islands off its coast. However, only one is inhabited, and that is Smith Island in Chesapeake bay.

15. The Maryland capitol building that houses the legislator is the oldest and continued use legislative building in the US.

16. Oysters are harvested off the coast each season by local fishermen they have the largest catches in the world and use dredging and toughing for getting them to their boats.

17. The first flight of humans occurred in the great state of Maryland. The first manned balloon launch took place in Baltimore by a 13 year old named Edward Warren.

18. Maryland has a great national park system that covers roughly 4.2 million acres of the stats. That is nearly 43% of the state's land that is protected.

19. The world’s science capitol is in Gaithersburg. It was designated that after the science and technology standards, department moved into the area.

20. The first ever nuclear free zone to be declared in the United States was in 1982. The Town of Garrett Park wanted nothing to do with the new form of energy.


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  • profile image

    slowlane 5 years ago


    Item 20: the nuclear-free town is actually TAKOMA PARK, not Garrett Park. Garrett Park however is known for having no home mail delivery. Its residents prefer just going to their post office.

    Item 14: MD technically has several other inhabited islands (Ocean City, Kent Isl, Cobb Isl, Gibson Isl, Solomons Isl, St.Geo Isl, etc.) SMITH Island however is the only one that's many miles off the coast and which has only ferryboat access (no bridge) giving it a sense of social isolation .