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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Michigan

Updated on March 28, 2012

1. Detroit is the number one city in the world for car manufacturing.

2. The largest cement plant in the world is also located in Michigan Alpena.

3. The largest Limestone Quarry in the world is located in Rogers city, Michigan

4. The largest dairy herd to produce milk for the US is located in Elsie, Michigan

5. The Magnificent gold dome on the Lansing capitol building was built in 1879 and is still one of the longest running capitol buildings in the US

6. With one of the great lakes next door Lake Michigan, Michigan is also the number one state with people who own the most boats according to the state boating registration board.

7. The first air-conditioned car was created in 1939 at the Packard motor car company.

8. The world’s largest manufacturer of magic supplies is in the city of colon Michigan

9. The oldest county in Michigan is Wayne County. The county was first incorporated in 1815 during the founding fathers celebration in the city of Wayne.

10. One of the oldest remaining settlements in the U.S can still be found in the state of Michigan. The Saul St. Marie was founded by father Jacques martin in 1668.

11. The city of Novi was a famous stage coach stop on the way for pilgrims to the west. It was renamed in temperance of all the people that traveled through stop No. VI

12. Michigan state has the largest student body of any other campus in the state of Michigan.. It is also one of the largest universities on the country.

13. Michigan state university was founded on a national grant for higher education. It served as an experiment for 69 other institutions that were founded the same way across the country. Later this institution went on to establish the Morrill Act of 1862. It specialized in teaching scientific agriculture.

14. The official Michigan state stone is the Petoskey. It is very prominent along the shores of the great lake of Michigan.

15. One of the most unusual and beautiful creatures in Michigan is the painted turtle. Its vibrant colors are a testament to nature’s beauty. It was officially named the states reptile in 1976.

16. Michigan is not all snow it also has a small desert with sand dunes. The sleeping bear sand dunes rise over 500 feet and are frequented by 4 wheel drive enthusiast.

17. Among this sand, dunes are an unusual flower that blossoms every spring this flower was named the state of Michigan official flower. The dwarf lake iris.

18. The Detroit zoo is famous for allowing open air exhibits to be enjoyed by patrons. In fact, they were the first city to allow open air exhibits which provides the animals much more freedom to roam.

19. The largest crucifix in the world is right in Michigan. It is called the cross in the woods. It is located next to the Indian River.

20. Michigan is the only state that has huge expansion of coastline with a body of water. Second only to Alaska


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