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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Montana

Updated on March 29, 2012

1. Montana is famous for its elk. On top of that it has the largest migratory elk herd in the nation roaming its wilderness.

2. The state is the largest location of trumpeter swans. The swans come every year to have their young. Montana is the largest location of trumpeter swan young born in the U.S.

3. Golden eagles were thought to be extinct. Until reports of the eagles being spotted in Montana began to surface. The migration area for Golden Eagles is near the edge of the Rocky Mountains. It is the only place in the country they have been spotted again.

4. Missoula, Montana has the largest population of nesting loon birds in the nation.

5. Montana has the largest population of animals anywhere in the nation. On average, it has 1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn antelope, and 4 deer per square mile of land.

6. During migration, there are so many different types of bird in Montana that it is hard to keep track at times. It is estimated that the largest population of snow geese and tundra swans are the largest than anywhere else in the nation.

7. Montana has a long history of having hidden gems be found in its soil. The only American gem every put into the crown of England was from Montana the Yogo Sapphire is embedded in the crown jewels.

8. Helena is the capital of Montana and yearly there are more millionaires living there than any other city in the world.

9. Montana has the largest counties in the world that are considered frontiers counties. Many of the counties report the average population of only 6.6 people.

10. Dinosaurs are a very popular find in Montana. More dinosaur eggs, skeletons, and other follies have been found in Montana than any other state.

11. Montana is the only state in the U.S that has a triple divide allowing water to flow into the pacific, Atlantic, and bay area’s to its north. This phenomenon can only be seen in Glacier national park.

12. The first jail every constructed in the state was by hennery Plummer a notorious outlaw that liked to take justice in his own hands.

13. Montana is the only state in the US with more diverse wildlife and species of plants than any other state.

14. In the early 1900s, people had thought the moose population had dwindled to nearly extinction but, in Montana, there are over 10000 estimated moose still thriving in the states. Many of the areas they frequent are in protected wildlife areas.

15. The Largest fresh water lake in the west is located in Montana. Flat Head Lake has over 200 square miles of water and shore line.

16. The cowboy capital of the world is located in Miles City, Montana. There are more self-proclaimed cowboys to this day than in any other state.

17. The first national park in the US was Yellowstone. It takes up parts of Wyoming and parts of southern Montana.

18. Many towns in Montana are named after famous Indians that have roamed the areas. The town of Ekalaka is named after the daughter of the Sioux chief “Sitting Bull”.

19. Fife is the type of wheat that is grown all around Montana. It is also a name of a town that has produced more of the wheat than any other town in the U.S

20. The largest grizzly and black bear populations in the nation can be found in Montana


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