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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Nevada

Updated on March 29, 2012

1. The first slot machine was invented in Las Vegas Nevada, It was coined the liberty bell. It soon becomes the device to model for future slot machines.

2. Reno has the largest ice area in the nation at over 16000 square feet. It was originally built in Atlanta but was removed and delivered piece by piece to Nevada.

3. Bugsy Siegel was a huge name in Las Vegas and around the country. He named his casino the Flamingo because he was inspired by the long legs that the show girls have.

4. The Imperial Palace was built outside the airport due to the heavy traffic you can actually drop off your baggage and check in away from the airport before your flight leaves.

5. Bertha was the longest running animal show in Las Vegas. This elephant made a huge name for their antics when she performed live at the Ascuagas casino located in Sparks Nevada.

6. Samuel Clemmons use to write for the Las Vegas sentinel before becoming a well known writer.

7. Pershing county Nevada is the only county in the country that has a circular court house. It was originally constructed in 1960 and has gone through a couple of make over’s since.

8. The first gambling hall to open up on what is now known as the Las Vegas Strip was the Pair-o-Dice club on highway 91.

9. In 1931, the then governor of Las Vegas, Nevada signed a bill into law that legalized the gambling industry in the state.

10. The Hoover Dam is considered one of the most modern feats in human building. You can take guided tours daily.

11. A small portion of death valley is located in the southern portion of Nevada. Due to Death Valleys extremely hostile environment, not many things live out there. However, there has recently been found a kangaroo rat. This rat has the ability to go its entire life without ever drinking a drop of water.

12. Carson City is the capital of Nevada. When the city was being built and still true today it is the smallest capital city in the nation.

13. One of the most famous ghost towns of the Midwest is still on display in Nevada. The Rhyolite ghost town can still be seen today as a historic museum.

14. The first people to settle in the areas of n Nevada were fur trappers. They were the first white people to ever been seen by native Americas. It started to be trapped and settle das early as 1880

15. Elko was the location of the first community college in the state of Nevada. It opened up in 1967, and it was in association with the state universities.

16. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park is one of the country’s most famous unusual parks. It is built around the remains of thousands of year’s worth of fossilized history.

17. The fossils found in Nevada are numerous. The fossils are usually found in very pristine condition due to the climate in the state. Many ichthyosaurs have been found in the soil. So, many of these pristine fossils have been found. That in 1974, Nevada made the ichthyosaurs dinosaur fossil its official state fossil.

18. One of the oldest churches in the state, St. Augustine has its bell trap located in the men’s bathroom where it is required to be rung every hour of the day.

19. Nevada is an unusual name it actually means Snow clad in the local native language.

20. The state of Nevada is mostly made of desert year around. However, the farther you get up to the Ruby Mountains near Elko the more the snow falls for more than half a year.


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