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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about New Hampshire

Updated on March 29, 2012

1. New Hampshire is full of true American history. It was the first of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from mother England

2. The highest wind every recorded in New England was at the base of Mt Washington. In 1934, the wind speed was three times that of many hurricanes.

3. The Russo-Japanese war declaration needed a third party location to formally bring an end to the war. Since, neither side could decide New Hampshire volunteered to play surrogate.

4. The first potato ever grown in New England came over from the mother land in 1719. It was the start of a growing field in New Hampshire for the first time.

5. The first American in space Alan Shepherd was from East Derry New Hampshire

6. The first public free library was established in Peterborough, New Hampshire in 1833

7. The mighty steam engines that once ran through the great New England states ended in New Hampshire. They were torn up at the last freight drop off in New Hampshire in 1967

8. The first lottery in the new world was established in New Hampshire in 1963.

9. The state of New Hampshire has the second oldest constitution in United States history soon adopted after the US constitution was framed and signed.

10. The first woman’s strike ever organized took place at the cotton mills of New Hampshire. The Dover cotton factory was without workers for several days. The woman did not succeed in the strike because the company just advertised for new workers. The demand for jobs was high, so the workers could have been easily replaced. They went back to work the next day.

11. The first alarm clock ever invented and destroyed in a single night was made in concord New Hampshire by Levi Hutchins

12. Mt. Washington is a famous land mark in New Hampshire it also is the home of the auto road which is still in use today. It is still a huge tourist attraction bringing in people from all over the country every year.

13. B&M caboose was opened in 1999 as the official visitor center at Bell Cove, In Newbury Harbor New Hampshire

14. Daniel Webster the lawyer is a famous story of how a simple man beat the devil at a game of chance. Daniel beat the lawyer in a contract dispute over a man’s soul.

15. New Hampshire holds the record for the oldest state house that still has the legislation meet in the original chambers.

16. The first solider to lose his life in the civil war was born in Alexandria. Luther Ladd did in the first gun fire of the war.

17. The Stanley steamer frame became famous after it climbed up Mt. Washington for the first time in a car.

18. The oldest settlement in New Hampshire is Dover it was originally settled in 1623

19. Founded in the year 1866 the Durham University of New Hampshire serves a large student body of over 10000 students per year.

20. One of the great mysteries in New Hampshire is Americas Stonehenge. This megalithic structure is located on mystery hill in Salam New Hampshire.


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