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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Oklahoma

Updated on March 31, 2012

1. It was not until the year 2000 that the Oklahoma capitol building was redesigned with a capitol dome. They finished the new dome in 2002.

2. To help find a way to levy the increasing cost of infrastructure needed in Oklahoma City. The mayor decided to implement the first parking meters. The mayor filed a patent on the parking meters in may 1935.

3. The oldest city in the state of Oklahoma is Vinita. It was named after the famous sculpture Vinnie Ream that sculpted the famous Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C.

4. One of the most amazing things to happen during a tornado is when one went through Oklahoma. It destroyed a house and lifted the foundation off its location. The husband and wife that were still in the house hung on to the tub. When it was, flung 4 miles from its original location. However, they both survived because the flooring acted like a feather and glided back to the earth.

5. The first softball organization that was created was in Oklahoma. Founded in 1933 the association is one of the strongest in the national softball league today.

6. The oldest park in Oklahoma is turners fall park. It has many of the countries famous waterfalls, and natural wonders that millions come to see every year.

7. Oklahoma has a rich history of being a location for oil. When oil was first found on the capitol yards they put in an oil pump. The pump number is number 1 in Oklahoma

8. Oklahoma holds the only natural, authentic, and traditional Indian city in the United States. It is located in Anadarko, in southern Oklahoma.

9. The American cowboy is celebrated heavily in Oklahoma. They placed a monument to remind people of the cowboy dreams that are still in observance today.

10. One of the US militaries main artillery depots during war time is still located on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.

11. One of Oklahoma’s state heroes is astronaut Thomas P. Stafford in Weatherford, Oklahoma. They built a statue to dedicate his heroism to the exploration of space

12. Boise city, Oklahoma is the only city on US soil to be bombed during World War II. A B-17 was on a night practice run at the local bombing range and woke many residents out of their sleep.

13. The oldest charted town in the state of Oklahoma is Choctaw. It was designated the first charter city in 1893.

14. Oklahoma also holds some of the most unusual world records. They hold the record for the largest pecan pie, pecan cookie, pecan brownie and pecan Ice cream. They love their pecans in Oklahoma.

15. One of the many places visited by tourist each year is the Cowboy hall of fame located in downtown Oklahoma City.

16. Cow chipping was invented in Oklahoma. Now the city of Beaver claims that they are the largest cow chip throw in the nation. World championship s are held her every year.

17. The first shopping cart to be invented was in Oklahoma City. By Sylvan Goldman who’s hands always got to full when going shopping.

18. One of the most renowned places to go antiquing is in Oklahoma. Jenks, Oklahoma has more antique shops per square mile than residents.

19. Guthrie was originally the capital of the state of Oklahoma. However, the resources were not there to build such a large city, so they moved the capital to Oklahoma City.

20. Oklahoma is home to the Cherokee Indian nation. Their capital is Tahlequah


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