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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about South Korea

Updated on April 15, 2012

1. The mythical founder of S. Korea is Tangun. He was a warrior god that wanted to maintain the purity of the human race.

2. The residence of the president of S. Korea is referred to as the Blue house. It is the largest house ever built on the peninsula

3. The hottest Olympics ever held were the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul

4. The South Korean diet is made of rice and native greens which has kept the population healthiest in the world

5. Grey and white taxis in South Korea are the new drivers. Still capable but with experience will move up to a yellow taxi when promoted

6. Soju is South Korean wine and is made of 20% alcohol. It is considered one of the strongest wines in the world.

7. After the Korean War the government invested its money in education and soon became very prosperous in new technology

8. When looking at ancient Asian building the best way to tell if it was made in S Korea is that the tips will Flip upwards. It’s a unique design by the South Koreans to help the soul find its true path to the gods.

9. Korean Towns have been known for their dramatic and professional street art

10. Koreas were the first to invent the martial arts of taekwondo

11. The majority of South Koreans live in High rise apartment buildings that are similar to condos most are setup with green or high technology.

12. Everything that goes into or out of S. Korea is by Boat since the DMZ side to N. Korea has been closed since the Korean War

13. S. Korea is in the process of designing the first high speed rail system that will link Asia and Europe

14. There are a lot of people in S. Korea the natural Habitats of many animals have been squeezed to very small portions of land.

15. One of the oldest dynasties on earth started in S. Korea known as the old Chosun

16. The First Europeans arrived in South Korea in the late 1600’s by a Dutch merchant ship

17. N. Korea is a dictatorship while S. Korea is in a traditional democracy the official name in the republic of Korea

18. S. Korea has one of the largest economic economies in the world. It has been built up thanks to the vast investments by the United States. Since the US did not want the South Korean Government to fall in the hands of Communism.

19. The longest river in The Koreas is the Han River it has been the main source of water for thousands of years

20. The currency used in S. Korea is the Won


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  • princesswithapen profile image

    princesswithapen 6 years ago

    The fact that new taxi drivers get grey and white taxis is amusing. I enjoyed reading these facts about S Korea.


  • akune profile image

    akune 6 years ago from Surrey, England, United Kingdom

    Useful, bite-sized facts. i learned so much quickly. Really appreciate this layout.