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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Syria

Updated on October 17, 2011

1. Damascus is the capitol city of Syria

2. Damascus is also the world’s largest and continued inhabited city in the world

3. Damascus is known in ancient times as the city of Jasmine

4. Syria became an independent country from France in 1946

5. The major religion practiced in Syria is Muslim followed by Catholics

6. The official currency in Syria is the Syrian pound

7. The Pan Arab games were first hosted in Syria around 1976

8. Syrian dish is tabbouleh, made of bulgur, finely chopped parsley and mint, tomato and spring onion, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil

9. Mount Hermon is the highest point in the country of Syria

10. Syria created a national Olympic committee in 1946 and has only won 3 gold medals since

11. Syria has a population of over 25 million people according to latest census

12. Syria’s government is a single form of presidential republic

13. The city of Aleppo has the oldest Citadel in the world estimated to be around 5000 years old

14. Syria in ancient times was part of the fertile crescent

15. The official country name of Syria is Syrian Arab Republic

16. Syria has evidence of roads that are over 4000 years old that are still in use today from Aleppo Syria and Ninevah in Iraq

17. On the road to the capitol city Damascus Paul was said to have his first vision of Jesus

18. Lattakia is a port city in Syria considered to be one of the oldest on record at 440 B.C

19. The Roman Amphitheatre built in the city of Bosra plays host to the Bosra Festival, which is organized every year, in the month of September

20. Some of the earliest known writings on clay tablets were found in Syria with cuneiform script writing


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