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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Texas

Updated on April 1, 2012

1. Texas is the sheep capital of the world. There are more sheep farms in the state of Texas than anywhere else in the world.

2. Texas has a unique history when it was incorporated into the United States. It was the only state that was not annexed and entered into the United States by treaty.

3. The state of Texas was actually an independent country for the beginning years of its life. It was not until 1845 that a treaty with the united states incorporated it as a state in the union

4. The largest population of deer in the United States can be found in Texas. The white tail deal can grow as large as its habitat will allow. So many hunters from all around the country go to Texas to thin the herds every year.

5. The live oak is the official Texas state tree. It is also the oldest state in the tree with some specimens of it being more than 1500 years old.

6. Sam Houston is one of Texas most famous people. However, he was not born in Texas instead he was born elsewhere.

7. Texas has a lot of desert and not many lakes or rivers that run through it. So, the lakes that you encounter in Texas are usually man made in some form or fashion. The only known natural lake in Texas is Caddo Lake

8. During the Texas revolution, the town’s people in Goliad became discontent with the way things were going. In response, to the new Texas amendments they captured the town and fort during the start of the revolution.

9. In 1835, the state of Texas declared its independence from Mexico. The contract was signed in the city of Goliad.

10. The capital of Texas is Austin. Its capital building is made from the numerous amounts of granite that is available in the area. What is unusual is that it is pink granite and it is the only capitol building in the country made from this type of granite.

11. Round Rock Texas is home to more silicon giants outside of Silicon Valley. You will find many computer manufacturers, software companies and other tech giants in the area

12. Texas has some really good soft drink inventions like Dr. Pepper. It was invented in Texas just south of Waco.

13. The first design of the suspension bridge was used over the Waco Bridge. It was built in the late 1860s and is still in use today.

14. Texas is a local name that means friends or allies in the local Indian dialect.

15. The capitol of Texas opened in 1888, They had to wait for the capitol building to be built and when they built the capitol building they made it by design to be higher than the dome over the national capitol building by almost several feet.

16. Texas is known for the hard shelled mammal that frequents its borders the armadillo was officially named the Texas state animal after the legislator passed it unanimously in 1950.

17. The first stadium in the country to have a dome over it to protect it from the environment was built in Houston’s. The dome stadium opened in 1965, to host the Houston oilers football team

18. The population of Texas is mostly centered around 3 of its largest towns, dallas, Houston and Austin. They also incorporate these towns as some of the top ten largest in the country.

19. The first words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped off the lunar lander on the moon for the first time where heard at the Houston control center in July 1969.

20. The state has more cattle ranchers and cattle than any other state in the country. The current population of cattle in the state that is registered is over 20 million.


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