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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Utah

Updated on April 2, 2012

1. One of the greatest feats of transportation was completed in the state of Utah. The Golden spike was laid in Promontory when two railroads joined together. Each having built half way across the US to be joined together in the first transcontinental railroad.

2. A town with an odd sounding name in the middle of Utah is Leven. It is actually “Navel” spelled backwards. The town voted on the name because they are centrally located within the state.

3. The first department store to open up in the United States was Zion Co-Operative Mercantile Institution. It was first established in the 1800s and is one of the main stores still selling merchandise today in Utah.

4. The main Mormon temple located in the middle of Salt Lake City was designed with an intricate design that took almost 40 years to complete.

5. The Interstate that starts in the south eastern edge of the state is Colorado is I70 This stretch of highway through the state of Utah is extremely isolated and deserted. It is considered the most deserted highway in the United States.

6. The main natural attraction in Utah is the Great Salt Lake. It runs over 2500 square miles and has an average depth of 15 feet

7. Another monument to nature’s beauty is the Rainbow Bridge. This bridge is built with the surrounds limestone that has washed away parts of it for thousands of years. Its rock color is that of the golden reds, yellows, and organs. It is more than 350 feet high and stands over 300 feet wide.

8. When most people think of Salt Lake City or its surrounding communities they believe that it is mostly desert. However, that is partly true yet the Rocky Mountains that can be seen from Salt Lake city still tower at almost 5000 feet with an annual snowfall of several hundred inches.

9. Utah is also home to some of the greatest ski resorts. This is because the snow that does fall there has a wonderful powdery affect that makes it wonderful for skiing.

10. Sal Lake City was originally known as The Great Salt Lake City. The name of the city had to be modified because when they were designing the brochures for the new transcontinental railroad the name took up too much space. So, the legislator decided it would be better too drop the name “Great” and now only be referred to as Salt Lake City.

11. Before Eastern settlers heading west stopped and started to settle parts of Utah. The Main people to inhabit the area were the Ute Indians. The influence of the Ute Indians can be seen all over the state to this day.

12. The state of Utah got its name from the local Indian language. “Utah” actually means “mountain people” in the native Ute Language of the region.

13. Utah has been the training ground for many years because of its unique mountain terrain. During the second world, War mountaineers where trained on the slopes of the Uinta Mountains. Today many of the same regiments that trained there are still training on the same mountain peaks.

14. Utah is a stat full of national treasures that can only be found here. Monuments like Cedar Breaks, Stone bridges, Grand stair cases, Caves, and other natural wonders can be seen in any one of the great national parks that are within Utah’s borders.

15. Utah’s Salt Lake desert is the largest one in the world. Yet, it still receives annual precipitation of over 10 inches of rain per year. The mountains that surround it receive much more and in some areas reports of up to 50 inches of rain have fallen.

16. Utah was home to the world Olympic games XIX. It was the first time that Utah had seen such a major expansion in infrastructure since the Settlement. The accommodations built to hold all of the athletes, crowds, and other people that came to Utah for the games. Were built and can help Utah expand for more than a decade without having to rebuild new infrastructure.

17. Utah is also famous for having the last discovered river in the United States. The major water way of the Escalante River was not found on any map until European settlers explored the areas in 1697.

18. One of the greatest movements into protecting the environment started in Utah. There was such a controversy surrounding the building of the New Glen Canyon Dam around Lake Powell that many took up a new environmental cause. The environmental crusade has its roots at the first protest of this dam.

19. A cedar hill was originally built upon a natural bench that overlooks Lake Bonneville. The water had created the façade into the rock face that now offers the town a tremendous place to look upon nature’s natural beauty.

20. The capital city of Utah has moved several times throughout its history. When Utah first became a state it was located in Fillmore. The town was named after the president that once sat in office Millard Fillmore. However, the capitol house was never finished and sits today as a reminder of what could have been. It is also the oldest remaining building in Utah.


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  • cclitgirl profile image

    Cynthia Sageleaf 5 years ago from Western NC

    I came across this hub to see if I could find anything about the Ute Indian Tribe. Thanks for sharing this! I will link to it in my "Garden of the Gods" hub. I'm originally from Colorado Springs and I'm finishing a hub about the Garden and I'm fascinated with the Utes. So, this hub was a great find. Thank you!