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20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Vermont

Updated on April 2, 2012

1. Vermont was the first one in the revolutionary war to fire the first shops at Concord. It was unknown exactly which side fired the first shot, but the revolution was started.

2. Vermont was the first state after the colonies won the revolution to ratify the constitution, and become the first state of the United States of America.

3. The smallest state capital in the United States is Montpelier. As, of the 2010 census that is conducted every 10 years by the US population of Montpelier is only 10000.

4. Montpelier has a very conservative group of individuals that believe in healthy eating. The capital is the only one without fast food chains lining Main Street.

5. Vermont is a dairy state. There is more cows vs. Humans in the state of Vermont.

6. Vermont is also the maple tree capital of the world. There are more maple trees in Vermont than any other New England state.

7. With as many maple trees that they have Vermont is also the maple syrup capital of the world. 100 million gallons of maple syrup are collected each year in the state.

8. Vermont is home to the countries favorite ice cream producer, Ben & Jerry’s. It has been the state’s top employer for more than 20 years and has 100s of varieties of ice cream that are shipped out across the US every year.

9. Ben and Jerry’s come out with unique flavors of ice cream that can sometimes be controversial. The most recent one is Schweddy balls ice cream

10. Vermont city townships did not have official license driver offices. The only way a person can get a licenses is to drive into the capital of Montpelier, Vermont

11. It was not until recently that Vermont allowed the Retail Giant to finally establish, a presence in the State.

12. Vermont has had an independence nightmare when the states and colonies were still forming the state was claimed by New York or New Hampshire as parts of this state. It was not until the ratification that Vermont becomes its own state.

13. Running a large corporation like Ben and Jerry’s produces a lot of excess weight. So the local company gives it to the farmers to help create pig slop to feed their hogs.

14. Snow Golf is only played in the snow, and it was invented by a local Vermont man in 1890.

15. Vermont has an odd law on the books. If, you are traveling through the state as an out of stater you are not able to purchase alcohol at a liquor store. You can only purchase alcohol at a local bar or restaurant. Vermont requires separate liquor IDs to purchase from their stores.

16. There is only one President of the United States that was born in the state of Vermont that was Calvin Coolidge. What is even more unique is that he is also the only president born on the 4th of July.

17. The state of Vermont is the only capitol building with a layered gold dome. It is only one of two state capitol buildings that are built this way.

18. On top of the gold dome in the State of Vermont capital building, is a statue of the Roman god Ceres. She is the goddess of agriculture.

19. Lake Champlain is home to the legendary lochness monster of the United States. The locals have named him “Champ” many sightings and pictures have been take of “Champ” but not much positive evidence of it.

20. Vermont got its names form the local Indian tribes meaning Green Mountains. Mt Ver


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  • MJFenn profile image


    6 years ago

    Interesting hub. There is also the President Chester Arthur State Historic Site at Fairfield, Vermont. (Rumors that he was born in nearby Canada rather than Vermont have never been proven.)


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