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4 Reasons You Should Visit Minnesota

Updated on September 6, 2014

Minnesota, what's so great?

Minneso-tah! I bet you've never given it much thought, but Minnesota is more than a vast land of snow and awkward accents. We have much to share with our tourists and enjoy showing them everything we have to offer. Something great happened in Minnesota this week, after two days of obscene heat that would make an oven blush, fall arrived. In the usual overnight fashion the season has changed and we are moving ever closer to pumpkins and falling leaves. The abrupt ending to summer has me thinking about Minnesota and what is means to live here. Why do we love it? Why do we hate it? The answer to this by Minnesotans is generally "The weather" (and for hate, the occasional "road construction"). Each of the seasons have their downs, but for the most part Minnesota has the best of everything. We make the most of what we have and from it comes a culture ripe with activities and adventures that all should enjoy. Read on for the four reasons YOU should visit Minnesota.



Everything comes to life in the summer. The people come out of their homes in drones to spend as much time as possible outside, and it's worth it. We are the land of 10,000 lakes, and with the attraction of water, sun, and play our lakes are great places to check out while on vacation-- they are the first place we go. Up north at the cabin, boating on Lake Minnetonka, or playing ball at Lake Calhoun you'll find plenty to occupy yourself and experiences to make your friends jealous. If you're up for it, take a trip to Duluth and visit Lake Superior. Just over a 2 hour drive from the Twin Cities a day trip is no problem! Whether you're just watching the water or looking for the big boats Duluth is full of fun in the summertime!



In Autumn the leaves change color and the air gets cooler. This is where sweatshirt weather begins and preparation for parka weather begins. But it's not all gloomy! Fall has the advantage of apple orchards and pumpkin fields because while we were all busy having summer fun at the lake, planters were busy tending trees and fields for our future enjoyment. One of these Jim's Apple Farm also known as Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. The operation here is seasonal, beginning in the summer and continuing through the fall, and that is when it really gets exciting! Pumpkins arrive and the apples are abounding! Check out the pies and candy, and grab a soda while you enjoy the fresh air and colors of the season.

Jim's Apple Farm



It is true that our winters have been plagued by tundra-like conditions and can last somewhere between five and six months, but if you're just visiting then why complain? When the snow starts to fall it's not long before the sleds come out and Minnesotans start to play. On ski's, snowmobile, sledding, or snowshoes the options for adventure are fit for all! Plus, at least once in a person's life they must make a snow angel, and build a snowman. We get creative and encourage others to indulge in the wildness of winter with us. After spending an entire day in the snow and it's not unheard of to melt away in front of the fire for the rest of the evening. Yes, winter's can be a pain, but there are many moments that take it away.



The spring season naturally promotes a rebirth of the environment and in Minnesota we follow suit. In the spring the urge to burst outdoors and bask in the new life. The buds appear on trees and the scent of lilacs fill nostrils all along the Mississippi. This is a time for flowers and baseball. When you visit check out a Twins game. Target Field is one of the best stadiums around-- there's so much to do you might not even notice the baseball game! The spring is a good time to get out and enjoy the city, tour the Minnesota History Center and learn about the culture's heritage, or The Science Museum to get your geek on. Little known to others there is a thriving theatre district in the Twin Cities, and the well-known shenanigans can be had at the Mall of America with Sea Life, it's own movie theatre, and an indoor amusement park.

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Come to Minnesota

Minnesota is a great place to visit regardless of the season. Come when you can, stay until you want to leave (unless you come in the winter, then sometimes you can't leave until the roads are clear and your flight is rescheduled). Make Minnesota your destination of choice we'll make it worth your while, I promise!


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