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4 Things to Collect Everywhere You Travel

Updated on November 22, 2016


Everywhere we go, my husband has to get a t-shirt. One day I asked him why and this is what he said: “the shirts you wear reflect a piece of who you are.” He also has a ton of t-shirts with bands and characters from his favorite shows. He rarely wears shirts that aren’t t-shirts. But I think he’s right about them reflecting who you are, and if you like to travel a lot then wearing t-shirts from all the places you’ve been definitely reflects that.



This one is my personal favorite. Keychains are a must have collection because they are cool little trinkets that you can take with you everywhere you go. That way you’ll always have a reminder with you of that cute little beach you visited last summer or that time you went to Las Vegas and blew all your money. Personally, I don’t carry many of the keychains I collect with me. (I have over 80 of them, so that would be a lot of weight and jingling!) I have a large board hanging on one of the walls in my bedroom and every time I get a new keychain, I stick a pin in the board and hang my keychain on it. Soon I’m going to need another board!


Rocks are a great collectible because you can physically take a piece of you travel back with you. That way, whenever you’re holding that rock, your back at the place you got it from (sort of). Also, it’s really cool to have house guests over and say “Oh yeah, that’s just a rock I picked up when I visited the Great Wall of China. No big deal.”

*Be careful on this one because a lot of places do not like for guests to take physical mementos with them. Make sure you are aware of what you are allowed to do.


Last but not least, photos. Yes, obviously everyone knows that you should take photos, but I simply couldn’t leave it off this post because of the sheer importance of photos. Cameras were probably the greatest invention ever, (you know besides all that stuff like electricity and running water that no one cares about) because it allows you to capture the world in one instance. And whenever you want to remember something or see it again, you can just look at that photo. Another great thing is that photos, unlike material items, can last for virtually forever and they can be shared with anyone and everyone.

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© 2016 Danielle Hussey


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    • profile image

      My Keychain Store 10 months ago

      I find Keychains the best choice :). Not only they remind me of a place but also are handy and useful in normal life:). I can carry keychains with many Keys(home,car,work) around in every day life and when I look at Keychain even just for a second, in that second I come back to the place where I bougt it :).

    • Danielle Hussey profile image

      Danielle Hussey 15 months ago

      Thanks for reading!

      I've never thought about sending it to myself, that would be pretty cool. Sometimes I'll send a postcard to my family though.

    • netventure profile image

      netventure 15 months ago

      Nice and interesting article.

      I do one thing in my travels. I send a letter or a post card to my home address when I travel out of my city/country. Some times I receive it after I get back home. Sometimes it arrives before I get back home. Its really nice to receive a post card that was sent by me to myself.