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5 Action-Packed Outdoor Activities You Must Try On Your Next Holiday in Scotland

Updated on April 14, 2017

For most people, a visit to Scottish Highlands means taking the time to relax, unwind, and really get away from it all; but then, you’re not most people, are you?

You’re one of the excitement seekers, the ones who thrive on finding that next big adventure. For you, the ideal holiday in Scotland is one which allows you to really make the most of the majestic mountains, raging waters, and awe-inspiring scenery in a way that you just won’t find anywhere else back home.

Below, I look at just some of my favourite adrenaline-charged pursuits that you absolutely have to try on your next Scotland holiday.

White Water Rafting

Less than a 40 minute drive from Kinloch Rannoch, in the heart of picturesque Pitlochry, you’ll find the award-winning Nae Limits outdoor Activity Centre.

The epicentre of excitement and adventure in the Perthshire Highlands, Nae Limits offer an assortment of pursuits to suit all ages and all occasions.

Among my very favourite picks from the centre's action-packed menu, is the chance to experience the thrill of whitewater rafting through some of Perthshire's most famous waters.

Both the River Tay and the River Tummel regularly see families, groups, and corporate teams experiencing the rush of white water rapids and the sheer rush of an 18 ft, two-tier waterfall.


I could literally spend all day telling you about how much fun I’ve had at Nae Limits since I first stayed in the Dunalastair Hotel (, but to do so would be to deny you all the many incredible outdoor activities that I’ve yet to talk about.

Still, I couldn’t leave this five star Pitlochry attraction without talking about the joys of canyoning.

For the uninitiated, canyoning is a wonderfully unique pursuit which involves scaling down Scotland's famous canyons in a way you'd never have imagined.

Fancy the chance to jump straight off big cliffs into fresh water, swimming through waterfalls, exploring caves and rushing down natural water slides? This is truly the one for you.

For more details about canyoning, white water rafting, and other outdoor activities in Perthshire, see:


Looking for a way to enjoy your action adventure holiday in Scotland without getting wet? The good news, is that you can still make the most of the highland’s breathtaking surroundings without ever once dipping your toe in the water.

Whether it’s the relatively gentle Aberfeldy to Kenmore Circuit, or a bigger challenge posed by one of Scotland’s most gruelling hiking routes, you’re guaranteed to find a route to suit hikers of all ages and abilities.

Wildlife Safaris

An absolute must for anyone visiting Highland Perthshire for the first time, Highland Safaris present families, couples, and solo travellers alike with a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Scotland's most majestic wild animals in their natural environment.

Winner of the Best Visitor Experience in Scotland Award, the Highland Safari centre in Aberfeldy offers a number of one-of-a-kind tours on foot or by bicycle, though if you ask us, nothing quite beats jumping into a land rover with your expert guide and taking off through Perthshire’s incredible mountains and forests.

Horse Riding

Speaking of getting up close and personal with some wonderfully beautiful creatures, no action adventure holiday in Scotland would quite be complete without saddling up and heading out on a guided horseback tour through the ScottisH Highlands.

A number of tour operators operate in the areas surrounding Kinloch Rannoch, each one offering a gentle, peaceful ride along ancient Scottish pathways, through medieval forests, and into the very heart of the highlands.

Never been on horseback before? Horse riding lessons and children's horse riding centres are also in abundance throughout Pitlochry and the greater Perthshire area.


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