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5 Activities to Include in Your Travel Plan

Updated on March 21, 2015

So you bought your air tickets and packed your luggage, but have you prepared an itinerary? What are you planning to do once you arrived at your destination? Which city will you visit first?

There is a long list of things to do once you reached your travel destination. Yet, which are the most important ones?

Here are 5 essential activities to include in your travel plan:

Kimchi: a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings
Kimchi: a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings | Source

Eat Local Food

Trying out the local cuisine should be top on your priority list!

Yes, you might have tried Korean dishes in your hometown. But in Korea, you can taste the authentic version.

Moreover, with the numerous stores that sell local cuisine in every corner, you’re bound to get hungry sooner or later.

Kimono: a Japanese traditional garment
Kimono: a Japanese traditional garment | Source

Wear Traditional Clothes

This task is slightly difficult and yet, it is the most enjoyable (especially for the ladies out there).

Have you ever thought of wearing that exquisite kimono or that cool cowboy hat? So how do you go about trying out traditional costumes?

You’ll need to find a costume rental store that allows you to rent traditional clothes for an hour or so. If you can’t find one, you can try out the traditional outfit in boutiques.

Remember to take some photographs! And if you like the clothes, why not consider buying them?

Participate in Festivals

Every country has their own customs and traditions, including their own festivals.

If you happen to visit the country when there’s a festival, try to participate in the cultural activities. By participating in such activities, you’ll expand your horizons and gain knowledge about the origin of the festival.

Perhaps, you might even discover the qualities that the local people value. Chinese New Year, for instance, emphasizes the importance of family. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese families have a custom of gathering for the annual reunion dinner. They can then grab this opportunity to catch up on the year’s events.

The Great Wall of China: the most famous and memorable landmark of China
The Great Wall of China: the most famous and memorable landmark of China | Source

Visit Tourist Attractions

There are reasons why certain places are regarded as tourist attractions. They might be artistic like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or educational like the Euro Space Center. Tourist attractions also include historical landmarks like the Great Wall of China.

All these tourist attractions have one thing in common – they speak for the country itself! And I mean the phrase literally, they tell you that the country values art, history etc.

Buy Souvenirs

How can you return without buying at least one souvenir?

However, with the multitude of mementos in the market, you might have a difficult time making a decision.

For realistic tourists, a practical souvenir might be more suitable. This will include clothes, shoes, bags etc. For tourists that value the cultural experience, a souvenir based on the country’s scenery, buildings or landmarks might be more appropriate. A miniature Eiffel Tower would be interesting!

What About You?

In addition to these 5 activities, what other activities do you include in your travel plan?

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