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5 Elaborated Tips on Traveling the Philippines During Rainy Season

Updated on July 15, 2015
river | Source

Actually, I have written a 101 Tips on Traveling the Philippines in my travel blog, but I forgot to add more tips under the "Weather" area even though it is raining hard when I wrote it. In this article, I will share to you the 5 Elaborated travel tips in the Philippines that might come in handy during rainy seasons.

1. Learn the country's weather time slots- The Philippines' weather can be categorized into two seasons: the summer season, and the rainy season. The summer season can be categorized again into two different sub-season (because of Global Warming), the Hot Summer and the Cold Summer.

  • Summer Season -
    • Hot Summer - This season starts from late February to early March and runs until late May or early June. We can expect extreme heat from daytime until night time. I recommend for travelers to visit Philippines during this time because its "summer", and Philippines is actually famous in lots of awesome beaches.
    • Cold Summer - In this season, there will be a winter-like phenomena in the country. There will be cold air that runs through the whole town from day up to night. This happens during December to February and may run until March. Some foreigners love to travel during these times because it is actually colder than normal temperature.
  • Rainy Season - This season typically runs the longest. It can run from June up to December or mid January! That is around six to eight months of pure rain. Heavy traffic, road accidents, flash floods, extreme flying billboards and cancelled flights are common in this season. So, be careful travelers!

2. Bring your extremely reliable rain gears - When it is raining in the Philippines, expect some wild winds that will come upon your travel. I suggest that you bring a raincoat as a sole protection from the rain. Umbrellas will just most probably be a hindrance in your travel, or it will not be reliable as you have known it. It might break or be caught up in the wind.

There are also some umbrella vendors just near a bus stations, by the street and anywhere else during rainy season. All I can say about their products is.. "it will not last long". Their umbrellas, whether it is cheap or not, are famous to be destroyed after a few uses. If ever you bought one, expect it to show some defects after a few runs in the rain and be ready to travel the area while taking a bath with rain.

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3. There will be lots of floods in Manila - "When the rain pours, Manila will drown.... I guess?" She will not literally be drowned and be lost in the map for a few hours, but expect heavy floods and heavy traffic during those times. I presume that travelers will be dropped off at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) or MIA (Manila International Airport). If you will plan to travel the whole country and you arrived at heavy rainfall and then no good service to pick you up to your destination, I suggest to just sit by and relax in an economy hotel and wait for the rain to stop. But, if you badly want to travel because of some occasions, then bare the heavy traffic during those times. I assure you, the cars won't even move an inch after a few hours. Better check the weather first before booking a flight

4. Be careful with open Manholes...and Crocs! - Floods are inevitable, they will surely be there the whole time even after a few minutes of light rain. If travelers need to walk, or by the car, I think you might be very careful regarding the open manholes. Obviously it is very hard to find an open manhole in a very thick flood. If you are unsure where you are walking, it is better to walk in the middle of the road since manholes are mostly placed near the edge of the road. But if there is still time to abort your mission, thou should abort it!

There were also some stories regarding some crocodiles that swim on a flooded area. And to tell you the truth, they are said to be camouflaged with the surroundings, I mean, they are very hard to distinguish. Some might think they are just some floating trunk or some kind of plastic. Be careful.

croc | Source

5. Book a Flight at Manny Pacquiao's Fight! - This might sound crazy, but I highly recommend this tip! I also think this is the most helpful of the 5 travel tips! Haha. If you are not really fond of sports such as boxing, then it is time to book your flight. Even though it is raining, I assure you, the heavy traffic in Manila will just become a myth for a day. Filipinos are fond of Pacquiao and most will watch his fight during the day. It serves as an unofficial national holiday in the Philippines... I guess? Crimes are also said to drastically drop during his fights, as well as the amount of people in the streets. After his fight, there will be lots of party and that will continue until everyone is asleep. If you want to travel easy, do it on Pacquiao's fight!

There guys, I have already shared 5 of the amazing tips that can be of help to you travelers if you want to visit the Philippines for the first time. Do you have more tips? Do not be shy on sharing them!

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