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5 Facts About Choosing the Best Air Asia X Seat

Updated on October 14, 2009

Air Asia X A330

Air Asia X A330 aircraft
Air Asia X A330 aircraft

5 Facts About Choosing the Best Air Asia X Seat

This article will give you five facts that everyone should know before choosing the best Air Asia X seat for your next flight. As well as informing you of the best seats and explaining the truth about the Air Asia X seat pitch, this article will also explain how to actually go about securing these seats for your next flight.

Tip #1: The truth about seat pitch

Many major newspapers around the world incorrectly slate Air Asia for having very small seats with only a 31" seat pitch. Well 31" isn't that small and it is actually the same as British Airways, Lufthansa and United Airlines have. Even tall people can still fit in these seats no problem.

Tip#2: Seat widths

Air Asia X use Airbus A330 aircraft equipped with 9 seats (3-3-3) across. Most airlines that use the aircraft have 8 seats across (2-4-2). Air Asia was smart about it and reduced the width of the aisles and the armrests making the seats only slightly narrower. If you are fine with a regular Economy seat, then you will find Air Asia X seats to be comfortable enough as well.

Tip#3: Seat recline

The genius behind the 9 seat across plan was clearly having a bad day when the seat recline options were chosen. Air Asia X seats do not recline, instead the base slides forward to create an angled back. If you are in a regular seat this will kill most of your legroom and make it very uncomfortable. This is not an issue with exit row/bulkhead seats or if you are a small person. The airline has listened to customer feedback and is replacing these seats with regular ones in 2010. Until then, remember to bring a neck pillow.

Tip #4: Exit row seats

It is worth mentioning that all seats on Air Asia X have individual TV screens with video on demand. The TV for exit row seats is in the armrest, which normally makes these seats slightly narrower. Air Asia X decided this would make these seats too small. Instead, the airline made the middle seat in the Exit row very narrow and always leaves these seats empty. This is a great as it means the remaining exit row seats have unlimited legroom and they have an empty seat next to them. These seats can be booked in advance, for a fee, anytime including at time of booking and are labelled as hot seats. These normally cost 100 Ringgit, £20GBP or $40AUD.

Tip#5: Bulkhead seats

Bulkhead seats are a similar story to Exit row seats. The middle seat is always free as it is too narrow for anyone to sit in. The downside of bulkhead seats is that their legroom is slightly limited when compared to exit row seats. Furthermore, they are more likely to have babies in them as these seats are next to the bassinet. Still, if exit row seats are not available, these are excellent seats to have. Again, you can book these on the Air Asia X website when you book you ticket or at any time until you have checked in. Also note that if these seats are empty, you will not be permitted to sit in them unless you have paid the extra hot seat charge.

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    • profile image

      bob 3 years ago

      AirAsia do not leave the middle seat free. I was assigned one just the other week and it was horrible

    • profile image

      smileymiley1012 8 years ago from Windham,ME

      Woah, really cool thing.I think the picture is cool too.By the way have you seen my hub? Do you want to be my buddy? Bye awesome airplane