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5 Must See Places in Capri in 2019

Updated on July 12, 2019
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The stunning Island of Capri is like no other. With its clear blue waters and incredible mountain scenery, Capri is an island paradise.

The stunning Island of Capri is like no other. With its clear blue waters and incredible mountain scenery, Capri is one of Europe’s island paradises. Full of incredible vistas, beautiful gardens, charming narrow streets and perhaps the chance of spotting one or two of your favourite celebrities, this adorable island is well worth the visit. If you fancy going to the island of Capri, here are 5 places you must see:

Marina Grande


First impressions are very important, and in this case Capri makes one of the most spectacular first impressions in the world. Whether you are coming by ferry from Naples or Sorrento, the minute you set eyes on Marina Grande, you will never want to look anywhere else. Imagine the most beautiful blue waters, the most colorful charming houses and the most impressive cliffs hanging right above the harbor – this is Marina Grande.



This is the most famous square on the island. Its official name is Piazza Umberto I, but because it is so small it was nicknamed Piazzetta (Little Square). Size in this case doesn’t matter because the Piazzetta is simply adorable with its memorable clock tower and famous little cafes in every corner of the square.

Gardens of Augustus


Close to the Piazzetta you can find another great attraction in Capri which is totally free – The Gardens of Augustus. The Gardens of Augustus were established on a few terraces at the beginning of the 20th century by a German industrialist called Friedrich Alfred Krupp. It is both rich with flora and fauna, and is a wonderful place to get a panoramic view of Capri.

Located in the gardens is the house of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky. In 1908 Vladimir Lenin visited the island of Capri and stayed at the house of Maxim Gorky, to mark the event there is now a monument to Lenin in front of Gorky’s house.

Via Krupp


The founder of the Augustus Gardens Friedrich Alfred Krupp was looking for a way to link the beautiful gardens with Marina Piccola. He had one major problem though – the rocks. If you look down from the gardens towards the Marina, you will think that there is no way that these two can be connected by a road. Walk a little deeper in the Gardens and you can actually see the road. It is spectacular!

Villa San Michele


The Isle of Capri has attracted many ancient rulers and emperors in its time, one of which was Tiberius, who had a villa between Capri and Anacapri 2000 years ago. At the end of the 19th century the Swedish physician Axel Munthe came to Capri and used the ruins of Tiberius’ Villa to build his dream house – Villa San Michele.


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