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One-Day Trip to Paris? 3 Places You Need to Visit

Updated on February 17, 2018
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A writer by the night and a student by the day, Phoebe has a thing for new places, cuisines and people!

Is Paris a must for every bucket-list?

Well, yes. The picturesque landscapes, incredible architecture, rich art and culture, this city of love does not fail to surprise the travelers!

For the love of Paris!
For the love of Paris! | Source

Here's what you should do while in the City of Love

Is there any other city in the world that is as beautiful and romantic as Paris? Well, there is a reason why evergreen movies such as Funny Face, Bande à Part, Everyone says I Love You and many more were shot in Paris.

From dining at the Eiffel Tower to a day trip outside the historic Versailles Palace, here's list of things and places this magical city can offer. With such a long list to choose from, how do you know which places to prioritize to visit in just 24 hours? Don't worry. I've come to your rescue. The following is a list of places that you can visit in this city in one day, which will leave you in awe!

"Even the pigeons are dancing, kissing,

going in circles, mounting each other.

Paris is the city of love,

even for the birds.”

— Samantha Schutz

While in Paris, start with..

1. Eiffel Tower

Whenever one says Paris, you immediately picture a huge tower with pink and orange skies in the background. And, how can you miss one of the wonders while visiting the French capital?

While visiting this beauty make sure, you book your tickets in advance and and go through their site, to know what this tower has in-store for you!

Pink and orange skies surrounding the Eiffel Tower in Paris!
Pink and orange skies surrounding the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Then head towards..

2. The Louvre

One of the world's most largest and impressive museums, The Louvre is the next best place to visit whilst in Paris. Make sure you remove at least half a day from your schedule to visit this beauty, spend some time watching the delightful works among the many hallways! Click here to find more details!

Visit the glass pyramid, The Louvre while in Paris
Visit the glass pyramid, The Louvre while in Paris

Spend your evening in..

3. Tuileries Garden

Located right next to The Louvre, the Tuileries Garden has a wide range of eateries for the city lovers. Here, you can relax, spend some quality time, reminisce the memories made in the day and eat some delicious ice-cream to keep you satisfied during those hot summers!

These are the three places you need to visit while on your one-day trip to the world's most romantic city! Make sure you plan ahead, book your tickets in advance, and escape from your mundane routine, to fall in love with this city in just one day!

"Paris is always a good idea!"

— Audrey Hepburn

© 2018 Phoebe Canoula


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